Woodrow Dolarhyde is the tritagonist of Cowboys & Aliens. He was played by Harrison Ford who also protrayed Indiana Jones in the films franchise of the same name and Han Solo in Star Wars


He is the father of Percy Dolarhyde and the rival of the sheriff John Taggart. He's in charge of a huge group of cattle for the village of Absolution which he is very feared. He also developed bitterness and other rivalry for bandit Jake Lonergan because he stole the gold that was in one of his stagecoaches.


The colonel appears for the first time when he learns that his cattle have been decimated by the aliens. Believing that Murphy, one of his henchmen is responsible, he painfully tears him apart and ends up freeing him when Nat informs him of his son's imprisonment and Jake's presence in town. Dolarhyde then goes with his gang to Absolution to claims Percy to Taggart.

This is when a strange spaceship attacks the village and kidnaps many villagers, including Percy and the sheriff. He goes to see Jake and coldly tells him to team up with him to save the villagers so that the two are even. The former bandit refuses and leaves on horseback the next day.

For its part, Woodrow brings together several people including Doc, Meacham, Ella and Emmett the grandson of Taggart and head north, where the alien of the spaceship flew. Along the way, they find Jake who eventually joins them and Woodrow sarcastically remarks that he could simply cut off his wrist to take the bracelet as a bonus for himself. One rainy night, the group takes refuge under an overturned boat and Meacham and the colonel's men are killed by the alien.

The next day, Woodrow reluctantly agrees to bury the pastor and is content to continue his mission with the rest of the group. They continue their search until in a canyon where they are ambushed by the former gang of Jake. Their former boss convinces them to bring them to their camp and Jake is confronted with the new chef, Pat Dolan. He kills him with his bracelet and orders Woodrow and the others to get on the horse and run away. While being chased by the same gang, other alien ships attack and separate Jake and Ella from the others.

Woodrow and the others find them while Ella is fatally injured and dies. The small group is now surrounded by a tribe of Apaches who capture them and take them to their village. On the spot, Ella's body is thrown into the fire and Dolarhyde is shocked to see her come back to life, revealing that she wasn't a human being. Curious, he asked Ella several questions but was silenced by Black Knife, the Apache chef. He remains doubtful when he understands that the aliens came to earth for gold. Thanks to the recovery of memories of Jake, everyone goes near the mother ship of the demons and Woodrow explains a plan of attack to Black Knife who refuses to listen. Nat then convinces the chief to trust him, saying that Woodrow is a great warrior worthy of all fights.​​​​​ Jake who had rather fled to him, joined his old gang and all together is preparing to attack the next day.

The troops are hiding near the huge ship that Jake and his men are trying to detonate to get the aliens out. They get there and Dolarhyde with Nat, Doc and all the others charge the monsters. During the fight, Woodrow is attacked by one of the aliens but is saved in time by Nat. The latter dies in his arms and Dolarhyde continues to fight with the Apaches and men of Jake. Woodrow then rescues Black Knife and Emmett points out that the kidnapped villagers have been released by Jake and Ella. However, he doesn't see the two coming out and Dolarhyde rushes towards the ship. While Ella goes to destroy the interior of the ship with Jake's bracelet, Dolarhyde helps him to kill an alien. The ship begins to shake after destruction and Jake and Woodrow rush out.​​​​​​ They see it take off and then explode to the delight of the survivors of the battle.Jake is saddened by Ella's death and Woodrow comforts him by saying that she is better where she is. Right after, he finds his son who remembers almost nothing like all those who were captured.

Back in the rebuilding village, Woodrow asked Percy to have the bank print new checks mentioning his son, which he happily accepted. Then, he goes to see the sheriff with whom he now gets on rather well and meets Jake who, still wanted, must leave the region. Before he leaves, Woodrow assures her that Ella is in a better place now. With these words, Jake salutes the colonel and leaves.

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