Then comrades, let us end this battle - once and for all!
~ Colossus

Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin (Пётр Николаевич Распутин), code named Colossus, and often going by the Americanized name Peter Rasputin, is a character from Marvel's X-Men comics. He is of Russian heritage and is the brother of the magic-based heroine Magik as well as the villainous Mikhael Rasputin. Despite his mutant abilities of superhuman strength and organic-steel skin, he is actually a kind and gentle figure, who's also is a talented artist.


The Rasputin family lived in Russia and of a long line of farmers in. By tradition Piotr, his sister, Illyana and his brother, Mikhail, all worked on their family farm through-out their childhood. Piotr came into his mutant powers during his teenage years like most mutants and his brother and sister were quickly revealed to be mutants as well. Once they came to accept, though not necessarily understand their abilities the three siblings simply decided to ply their powers to their work for the family farm.

One day Piotr was visited by Charles Xavier, who had sensed him with her telepathic enhancement device called Cerebro. Xavier wished for Piotr to join him and the other X-Men in a mission they were undertaking on that side of the world to defeat the living island known as Krakoa. Piotr, once properly educated on the origin of his nature wished to help out and joined the X-Men. After the mission the X-Men offered Piotr a place to stay at the Xavier Institute, wishing to train in a safe and supportive environment Piotr agreed and took up the code name The Unstoppable Colossus on the team.

Piotr found it hard to adjust to live in the US at first, language, local costumes and bad feelings resulting from the cold-war all contributed to Colossus' feelings. Eventually Colossus became more Americanized and gained keen control over his powers until he could actively control his ability to shift his outer-skin into that of a living metal. As part of the X-Men's original team Colossus was essential for fights that required strength and durability, gladly taking -up the teams brute-force factor.

X-Men: Evolution

In this cartoon series, Colossus origin has a few things similar to his comic book origin. He is a Russian mutant who grew up on a farm helping his family and neighbors with his powers and used them to save his sister. However their is a difference in this cartoon than the other X-Men series instead of joining Charles Xavier's team he sided with Magento. When Charles old friend and rival Magento approached him Piotr declined until his family was taken hostage. Piotr was reluctant about it serving the Brotherhood of Mutants but he had no choice he unwilling obeyed so he could get the chance to see his family and renight with again alive. Because Colossus is the only member of the Rasputin family shown in cartoon his sister Illyana's powers were never reviled because his sister and his parents were prisoners off screen.

In the final episode of the X-Men: Evolution series Charles Xavier saw a vision of Jean Grey as the Phoenix he also saw a teenage Colossus and X-23 grown up and as members of the X-Men. Charles saw many things he had seen his teenage X-Men Cyclops, Iceman, Nightcrawler, Rogue and Shadowcat as adults. The visions showed the teachers Storm and Beast older and still apart of the X-Men he also saw the teenage trouble makers Avalanche, Toad, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Pyro and Blob grown up and still members of the Brotherhood of Mutants. Charles saw a vision of a reformed Magento as part of the X-Men training the young teenage team the New Mutants. The final episode The Future was supposed to be the start of the next part of the series season 5 but the next season was never made.


When the X-Men were called into fight the mad mutant Proteus, Professor Xavier's illegitimate son, the X-Men were forced into serious battle, for the mad Proteus wished to mentally enslave everyone. Proteus's warped view of the world and tragic background and being Xavier's son only made the situation one of the X-Men's grimiest foes, but with fates of so many people on the line and Proteus unwilling to back-down the X-Men were forced to use their full powers for the first time in their careers as super-heroes. Proteus had a weakness to being struck by metal and so Colossus's metal-bound strikes were considered essential in the fight and ultimately it would be Colossus that landed the killing blow on Proteus.

After the ordeal Colossus had a serious identity crisis, he had always used his powers to help people, never harm them. Killing someone, even a villain, with his powers lingered psychologically with Colossus and he took an extended sabbatical from the X-Men after the experience. Though Colossus would eventually rejoin the X-Men he swore that from that point on he would only use his powers to protect his team mates or harm non-living/thinking threats and never use his powers to take a life ever again.


I don't give my word... unless I mean to keep it.
~ Colossus
You ate breakfast, yes? Breakfast is the most important meal of day. Here protein bar good for bones. Deadpool may try to break yours.
~ Colossus in Deadpool film
This is a medical facility, alien. Housing a critically-ill patient at the moment you... you have crossed the line here!
~ Colossus
Why do fight Colossus little one? You must stop this little one.
~ Colossus to Jubilee in the animated series
You've been warned before Deadpool this is a shameful and reckless use of your powers. You will both be coming with us.
~ Colossus in Deadpool film
Wade Four or five moments four or five moments that's all it takes to become a hero. Every thinks it's a full time job. Wake up a hero. Brush your teeth. Go to a hero not true. Over a lifetime there are four or five moments that really matter. Moments when you're offered a chance to make a sacrifice, conquer a flaw, save a friend - spear an enemy. In these moments eveything falls way...
~ Colossus in Deadpool film
Then you will attempt it without the aid of magnetism... let us see how well you fight like a man!
~ Colossus in X-Men: Evolution
My name is Piotr Rasputin. Code name Colossus. I am an enemy of the state. I've come to turn my self in.
~ Colossus
Comrades let us all work together.
~ Colossus to the humans in the animated series
Someday, the violence will end. Someday... children like Illyana will not be victims of a war they are not a part of. But I cannot stand by for even one hour knowing somewhere, someone else's little sister is dying from this disease.
~ Colossus
I am sorry it came to this...
~ Colossus in the game Marvel Heroes
If only you had listened to reason...
~ Colossus in the video game Marvel Heroes
You should turn a new leaf over, comrade!
~ Colossus in Marvel Heroes
I have leaned much to day.
~ Colossus
This will aid are cause!
~ Colossus
I will fight on.
~ Colossus
Nyet! I mustn't fail!
~ Colossus
Colossus is ready.
~ Colossus
How my I help?
~ Colossus
I stand ready.
~ Colossus
Greetings comrades.
~ Colossus
I will not stand by and watch Doctor Doom destroy the world!
~ Colossus
If my strength can help in this battle, I must stand with you.
~ Colossus
It is an honor to fight by your side, comrade Captain.
~ Colossus to Captain America
No matter what happens you will always be my little sister.
~ Colossus to Magik
You certainly live life to it's fullest, Logan.
~ Colossus to Wolverine
For victory!
~ Colossus
Colossus fights on!
~ Colossus
I wish battle was not necessary.
~ Colossus
What does fighting prove?
~ Colossus
Strength of heart seize us time victory!
~ Colossus
A beautiful scene... perhaps I should take a picture of it.
~ Colossus
A ture hero is measured by his compassion.
~ Colossus
I was in the bank to open an account. I tried to stop the robber.
~ Colossus being arrested after Juggernaut destroyed a bank




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