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Colton Cole White is the adopted son of Ned White and the protagonist of the video game GUN.

In the midst of the american civil war, Dr. Campell, the owner of the Cross of Coronado, was living in the plains between Dodge City and Empire. One day, a group of soldiers led by Thomas Magruder appeared at the doorstep, asking for the cross. When the doctor claimed he didn't know, Magruder ordered one of the soldiers to search the house who returned with the cross. When the Apache chief (a friend of the doctors) objected, Magruder shot and killed him, Ned, one of the soldiers, protested at this needless death, only to have magruder shoot him as well. The doctor was decapitated by Magruder, who was then shot in the eye by an Apache woman.

Before this happened however, she had given the baby Colton to the son of the Apache chief, the future Chief Many Wounds, to keep him safe from the battle. When the battle was over, Many Wounds found the body of his father and was filled with hatred for Magruder, he was then confronted by the wounded Ned, who said that he was sorry and asked how he could make up for it. Many Wounds replied with repay your dept with him and handed him Colton, whom he would raise as his son.

Life With Ned

Later, in 1880, Colton was a hunter with no home, always on the move with Ned. On a warm fall day, Ned decided to test Colton's Quickdraw abilities, releasing some Quail for him to shoot. In the middle of the test, the pair were attacked by Wolves, who were quickly dispatched by them. They quickly moved uphill to look for some Elk. Colton killed two of them, which were set upon by yet more wolves, who presented a challenge to the two hunters, but were eventually killed. Later, while Colton was scouting ahead, Ned was attacked by a Grizzly Bear and dropped his rifle. Colton heard his cries and ran over, but he quickly realised that his rifle wasn't penetrating the bear's fur, hearing Ned's suggestions, he picked up Ned's rifle and killed it.

As Colton skinned the bear, the Morningstar steamship showed up, which would take them to the nearest city so they could sell their game, Ned went to board the ship, while Colton finished skinning the bear.

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