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Commander Steel is a superhero in DC Comics.



In World War II, Henry Heywood joined the U.S Marine Corps, however he was injured by Saboteurs and spearheaded by a man who would one day be known as Baron Blitzkreig. Heywood was a biology student of Doctor Gilbert Giles, who enhanced his damaged body with mechanic steel devices that gave him superhuman strength, speed, and durability during surgery. Heywood adopted the masked-hero persona "Steel" and embarked on a career fighting war criminals.

Steel entered more directly into World War II as a secret weapon before he joined the All-Star Squadron. Steel was then called a commander by Winston Churchill, the late prime minister of Great Britain. Steel's membership in the Squadron was only for a brief period as Crisis on Infinite Earths caused him to end up in the Post-Crisis Earth where he retired from his superhero career.

Heywood became a wealthy industrialist and put the same mechanical components into his grandson Hank Heywood III and resumed the mantle of Commander Steel after his grandson died in battle. Commander Steel detonated the Sunburst 300 (a device meant to kill Eclipso) as his colleague Nemesis escaped.

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