Commander Torque is a secondary deuteragonist of the 2014 indie video game, Freedom Planet. He is a commander and the last known living member of the Spectrum Chasers, a battle-force formed by an Alliance of Planets to protect the Galaxy from galactic threats such as Lord Brevon.


Prior to the event prior to the events of Freedom Planet, Torque and a squadron of Chasers were locked in a space battle with Brevon's Dreadnought, which was en route to Planet Avalice to steal the Planet's main source of energy: the Kingdom Stone. During the battle, his Captain and entire crew were all killed and/or corrupted by Brevon. Torque swore to his dying Captain that he will stop Brevon from stealing the Kingdom Stone for his galactic conquest. Upon arriving on Avalice, he disguised himself as a Shellduck to hide his alien appearence. But since he was the only remaining Chaser, he needed help to stop Brevon and his army, help in the forms of a Purple Dragon Girl, a Tomboy Wildcat and a Bashful Hound Dog.. Together, Torque and his new crew sets out to stop Lord Brevon from stealing the Kingdom Stone and plunging the Three Kingdoms of Avalice (Shang Tu, Shang Mu & Shuigang) into a Civil War.




  • Lilac: At first Torque was reluctant to open up to Lilac, it was not until he was revealed as an alien that he explained the whole situation. He did not like the idea of getting civilians involved in a galactic conflict, but once he saw her, Carol and Milla in action, he quickly changed his mind. When Lilac was being tortured by Brevon, Torque's resolve quickly faded, showing that he cares greatly about her well-being.

Fans have taken this a step further by interpreting their relationship as a romantic one, though this could be pure fan speculation.

  • Chaser Crew: Prior to the events of the game, Torque had a crew of Spectrum Chasers under his command. It is implied that he was very close to his crew and was saddened by their demise. During the course of the adventure, he starts to think of Lilac, Carol and Milla as his new crew. Torque was so hurt by the loss of his old crew, that he could not bear the thought of losing them too



  • He and Lord Brevon are the only two characters confirmed not to return in the sequel, Freedom Planet 2.


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