Commander Wolffe was the commander of the 104th Division in the Star Wars franchise. He serves under Jedi Master Plo Koon.

Wolffe was leading the troopers of the Triumphant with Plo Koon to find General Grievous' secret weapon, the Malevolence. They located and contact Anakin Skywalker about the cruiser but General Grievous jammed their communications and fired the ion cannon at the Republic ships. With their ships defenseless, Koon and the clone troopers left for the escape pods. They tried to contact for while fighting off Separatists' Pod Hunters. Anakin and Ahsoka Tano arrived to look through the debris for survivors. They eventually found the pod and took in Plo Koon and the clone troopers into the Twilight. To escaped the detection, they shut off all of the ship's power. However, the Separatists detected the medical droid that was healing the clone troopers' wounds. Grievous ordered the battle droids to fire the ion cannon but the Twilight escaped his hold.

Wolffe took part in other Republic battles like the Battle of Felucia and Battle of Mon Calamari.


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