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The Companions are an organization in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyim. They are an order of honorable, leaderless warriors who are payed to help people with problems. The Companions haven't had a leader since the time of Ysgramor.


The first group of Companions was formed by Ysgramor around the Merethic Era which was five thousand years ago they were originally called the Five Hundred Companions. After the Nords left their polar region home Atmora, Ysgramor and his Five Hundred Companions sailed to Skyrim with the rest of their kin.

Ysgramor and his Companions helped the Nords fight off the Snow Elves after their peace elven neighbors went to war, fearing the growing number of their human neighbors.

The Companions are still active during the time of the Fourth Era. They are the most famous heroes in the land of Skyrim. The organization has gotten smaller over the years and had many Harbingers but no leaders after the death of Ysgramor.


Member Role
Dovahkiin Shield Sibling
Kodlak Whitemane Harbinger
Circle Member
Skjor Shield Brother
Circle Member
Farkas Shield Brother
Circle Member
Vilkas Shield Brother
Circle Member
Aela the Huntress Shield Sister
Circle Member
Njada Stonearm Shield Sister
Torvar Shield Brother
Athis Shield Brother
Ria Shield Sister


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