'Ey up.
~ Compo

William "Compo" Siminite is played by Bill Owen and is one of the main characters in the long running sitcom Last of the Summer Wine and it's precrule Fist of the Summer Wine.


First of the Summer Wine

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Last of the Summer Wine

In the series, Compo is a poor, scruffy person who has ferrets as pets. He is mad about Nora Batty (his next-door Naber) and usually hangs around Norman Clegg, Foggy Duherst' Herbert Truelove "Truly of the Yard" and a few others. Compo used to be a poacher however he gave it up as well as a few other stuff after he got arrested a few times. Compo also had a wife, only to have left him for a foreigner.

During the early days, Compo often hung around Clegg and Blamire, often wondering around to the Cafe or to the fields until Blamire left and ask a friend known as William "Foggy" Dewhurst to look after the two of them.

Compo continued to hang around Clegg and Foggy, with Foggy often treating the two as untrained Soldiers and Foggy often mistreating Compo, leading to Compo lashing out, by throwing possibly some rocks at him.


  • His actor was the late, William Owin, who after he died; Compo himself later died in the series. His son Tom Owin was later brought on board to play as his son, Tom Siminite.
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