Hooking up words, and phrases, and clauses.
~ The Conductor

The Conductor, sometimes referred to as Conjuction Junction as implied in the song, is one of most recognizable from the musical cartoon series Schoolhouse Rock!, appearing in perhaps the most famous music video Conjuction Junction.


In his music video, the Conductor teaches viewers how to use a part of grammar known as conjuctions.

Throughout the song, the Conductor is asked by an unseen audience "Conjuction Junction, what's your function?" to which he replies "Hooking up words, and phrases, and clauses." He then goes on to explain that he has three favorite conjunctions that get the job done: and, but, and or. He also demonstrates these conjunctions, as well as several others in several simple sentences such as "Either this OR that," and "Neither this NOR that".

He goes on to tell several short stories where he actually uses conjunctions such as when meeting hobos and seeing a duck and a drake.

His video ends with him walking across the top of several boxcars in motion, each of which say Words, And, Phrases, And Clauses, before hopping onto the back of a caboose and riding off screen.

It is shown at the beginning of home videos that he works at and/or owns a diner named respectfully after his feature song.


  • Unlike most characters in the series, his real name is never revealed.


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