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Connwaer (or simply known as Conn) is a former thief who lived alone on the streets of Wellmet. Nevery takes him on as a servant/assistant, but soon very later made Conn his apprentice. Conn is nephew to the Underlord Crowe, and once lived in his house, but later escapes after his mother, Black Maggie, who had tried to thwart Crowe's evil plans, had been murdered by Crowe.


He is described as being probably around the ages of twelve to fourteen (he doesn't really know, having grown up on the streets with other things to worry about than birthdays).

Conn grew up in the Twilight, which is the shady part of the city of Wellmet. There, he learned to live off his own skills as a pickpocket and general thief. This lifestyle was brought to an abrupt halt on the day he picked the pocket of Nevery Flinglas, a wizard, and stole said wizard's locus magicalicus (magical focus). Simply by touching the stone, Conn ought to have died, but he didn't. This interested Nevery, who took Conn on as his servant, and later as his apprentice.

Connwaer had no schooling whatsoever, and could not read. Therefore he had to go to the academicos (school). Rowan became a temporary tutor, a daughter of the Duchess. He learns, and is put in a class with Keeston, Pettivox, which is assumed to be a traitor's apprentice. He later finds his locus magicalicus, a main part of the ducal regalia from the Duchess.


Conn has messy and long black hair and bright blue eyes. He has a small and skinny stature.


He is inquisitive by nature, has bad table manners, and is fairly intelligent, even when he is academically lacking.

Conn is also seen to be protective of Wellmet's magic, and the magic has chosen him to protect. He understands most things about magic that even Nevery Flinglas could not understand (at first).


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