Connor is the main human protagonist of the Korean animated series Cubix: Robots for Everyone. Connor is obsessed with robots. He moved to Bubble Town, and soon after joined the Botties by fixing the "Unfixable Robot", Cubix.

In the original Korean version, his name is Haneul and he is voiced by Lee Mi-Ja, But in the 4Kids Entertainment English version, he is voiced by Andrew Rannells.


Connor was 13 years old when he moved to Bubble Town, and soon after joined the "Botties" by repairing the "Unfixable Robot", Cubix. Perpetually optimistic, and yet a bit hardheaded, he initially gets into trouble with his dad due to the latter's dislike of robots. He's best friends with Abby, and they often play 'virtual battle' video games at her house. He and the Botties hang out at his dad's doughnut shop and Hela's repair shop, the Botties Pit



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