Coop Burtonburger is the main protagonist of the Canadian show, Kid vs. Kat.

He is voiced by Erin Mathews also voices Pac-Man and Little Strongheart.


He is a 10 (later 11)-year-old boy who thinks Kat is evil since they first met. He tries to stay out of trouble but is often humiliated and injured when trying to prove Kat's true identity. He gets the blame for everything Kat ruins in the house. Coop sometimes thinks Mr. Kat's plan is to take over the world, but Mr. Kat's plans are to collect Fishy frisky bits and return to his home planet in outer space. Coop may have misunderstood Mr. Kat most of the time. He always jumps to conclusions without knowing all the facts, due to the fact that he never takes chances and never bothers talking to Kat about the situation instead of fighting him. The irony about Coop is that he always comes up with plans to get rid of Kat, which only causes Kat to stay. Coop's father, Mr. Burtonburger and Coop's sister Millie think that Coop is insane for thinking that Kat is an evil alien. Dennis (Coop's best friend), Fiona (Coop's girlfriend), Grandpa and Grandma believe him. The Burtonburger's neighbour, Old Lady Munson, hates Coop but favours Millie. Coop has brown hair, blue eyes and a red T-shirt with an orange stripe. Nobody knows what happened to Coop and Millie's mom who could either be deceased or divorced. Together, he and his friends are fans of Captain Blasteroid. In the episode "Something about Fiona" Coop develops a crush on Old Lady Munson's niece named Fiona, who is revealed to also know Mr. Kat's identity, and also loves Coop back. But during the episode "Kat To The Future Part 2" Coop travels to the past and stops Millie from ever finding Kat. When Coop returns back to the future he found out that Kat's actual mission was conquering the Earth for other cats and becoming a hero. He remains one of the protagonists throughout the entire series.



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