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Cora Hale is a recurring protagonist in the MTV supernatural show Teen Wolf. She is a werewolf, sister of Derek Hale, niece of Peter Hale and cousin of Malia Tate. She was believed dead by everyone after the Hales mansion burned down but it turns out that she is still alive and returns to Beacon Hills upon learning that Derek was forming his own pack.

She was portrayed by Adelaide Kane.


First, we learn that she was captured by Deucalion and his Alpha Pack and that she was locked in a bank with Erica and Boyd for four months, depriving them of the full moon. She was finally freed by her brother and Scott McCall and in a fit of rage fled the scene in an attempt to destroy everything in her path. Along with Boyd, they are lured to Beacon Hills High School and attack teacher Jennifer Blake. So Derek came to his aid and the two attacked him until they passed out and were exhausted at sunrise.

Later, Cora is seen training at Derek's loft and she and Derek are attacked by the Alpha Pack. She is held down to the ground by Ennis while Kali impales Derek with a metal bar and Deucalion asks Derek to join his pack. Subsequently, Cora helped Derek, Peter, and Boyd come up with a plan to attack the Alpha Pack, and Cora believes that it only takes killing Deucalion to dissolve the organization. She also expresses her aversion to teenagers, calling Scott a "kid".

They therefore go to an abandoned shopping center where they lead a fight against the pack and are helped by Scott and Isaac. Next, in BBHS, Cora attacked Aiden in the boys' locker room and the latter seriously injures her in the head. Then, she joins Stiles who wants to tell his father the truth about the supernatural events in the city after he learns that the sheriff might be a target of the Darach. At Stiles, he asks Cora to reveal her powers but she passes out. So she is taken to the hospital and Derek stays by her side. Later, Peter was watching Cora in the hospital and he gets a call from Derek and explains that her condition is getting worse. So she was taken out of the hospital to Derek's loft. The latter therefore takes his sister's pain as best he can under Peter's warnings. So he gave her a "spark" of his Alpha power, reviving her.

After recovering, Cora helps defeat the Darach who turns out to be Jennifer Blake and seeks revenge on the Alpha Pack. Along with Lydia, she takes the Steiner twins to Deaton's clinic after the Darach breaks their status as Alpha werewolves. Eventually, Cora returned to South America and did not reappear in the series.


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