Cordelia is a playable heroine in Fire Emblem Awakening and is the mother of Severa.

She is a member of Ylisse's Pegasus Knights, and is a childhood friend of Sumia. Her duty is to protect the royal family, though she also guides Sumia when the latter is in trouble. She rides a pegasus named Aurora. During her days as a recruit, it was apparent that she was a prodigy in nearly everything she attempted to do, except running. It was her lack of running skill that led her to the squad in the first place. Eventually she would enter the Pegasus Knight squad as an official member, though she was heavily hazed.

Cordelia and her squad were stationed in Ylisstol to protect the capital while Emmeryn was being escorted away to protect her from the Plegian army. However, her squad was decimated by a surprise attack by Plegia on the capital. Cordelia was fighting off Plegian forces in the capital with the rest of her squad when her senior squad members elected that she leave the capital and warn Emmeryn, Phila, and the Shepherds; as well as to preserve their legacy. Due to their sacrifice, Cordelia was the only one to survive.

Cordelia manages to make contact with the Shepherds at Border Pass just shortly after the Hierarch betrays them to a Plegian force lead by Vasto. After the Shepherds manage to defeat Vasto's forces, Emmeryn decides to return to the capital to parley with Gangrel with Phila in tow for protection. Cordelia volunteers to accompany them back to Ylisse; however, Phila orders her to stay with Chrom and his army, which she reluctantly agrees to.

After the war, if Cordelia remains unmarried, she continued her service as a pegasus knight and became a figurehead to all Ylissean warriors. Some say it was because of her unrequited love for someone, though she never stated who that person is.

her hoshido counterpart is caeldori

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