Cordelia is a pink angelfish and the deuteragonist of the animated film The Reef and it's sequel The Reef 2: High Tide.

She is voiced by Evan Rachel Wood in the first film and Busy Phillips in the sequel.

The Reef

She is a beautiful Pink Angelfish who catches Pi's eye. An arrogant tiger shark named Troy also is in love with her, but she is repulsed by Troy and perfers Pi. She falls in love with Pi after he helps her get a stray lure out of her fin but Troy ambushes them, and abuses Pi even more. Cordelia reluctantly and sadly makes him a deal: if he leaves Pi alone, she will marry him. WIth the help of Nerissa the sea turtle, Pi managres to Defeat Troy by tricking him inot swiming intoo a fishing net. Pi then offers Cordelia his pearl, which she happily accepts.

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The Reef 2: High Tide

In the sequel She and PI have a son named Junior. When Troy returns, Pi tries to train his friends but Troy sends a dwarf shark Named Ronny stall Pi's training. Later, Troy orders Ronny to bring Cordelia outside the reef at sunset. When Ronny succeeds, Troy exposes Ronny's disguise to Cordelia, much to her horror. But Ronny, having grown to love the reef inhabitants tries explain but Troy kidnaps Cordelia. Deciding that Ronny had outlived his usefulness, Troy decides to let him go but threatens him "better leave before I change my mind." A remorseful Ronny sides with Pi and helps free Cordelia. Pi, Cordelia & Junior eventually manage to defeat the evil shark by using a shark trap to launch Troy out of the sea and back to the human's boat. She is last seen dancing with Pi as Ronny joins the party.

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