Cordell Walker is the main protagonist of the TV series Walker, Texas Ranger. He is a Texas Ranger devoted to enforcing the law and protecting the innocent.

He was played by Chuck Norris.


Cordell Walker was born to a Cherokee father and a mother of Irish descent. He is immensely proud of both sides of his heritage. Both of his parents were killed by white supremacists when he was at a very young age. He was sent to live with his paternal uncle, Ray Firewalker.

Walker joined the U.S. Marine Corps, and served in the Vietnam War. At one point, he was stationed in Japan, and was taught martial arts by the patriarch of a local family there that he had befriended. He kept up the practice, and would go on to become a martial- arts master. Some time after leaving the service, Walker joined the Dallas- Fort Worth branch of the Texas Rangers, where he initially partnered with C.D. Parker, then with James Trivette when C.D. retired. He quickly grew to excel in this career path, doing much good for the people he served.

Walker eventually began dating assistant district attorney Alexandra "Alex" Cahill. He proposed to her, and they were engaged for many years before finally getting married in May 2000. In the series finale, Alex bore a child for him, a girl whom he named Angela.


Walker adheres very strongly to the principles of law and order, as well as personal honor and integrity. He maintains immense self- discipline, especially in terms of the use of force. In spite of his martial arts mastery, he only uses physical violence either in self- defense or to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Walker cares deeply about helping those in need, both in his position as a police officer and off- duty as he works with various charities and community- outreach efforts. He is also a devout Christian, who shows more evidence of his faith in the show's later seasons.

Walker is extremely loyal to his friends and loved ones, doing whatever he can to help them when they are in any kind of peril.

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