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Corey Bryant is a supporting character in the MTV show Teen Wolf. He is a teenager who is a genetic Chimera of the Dread Doctors and who has temporarily joined Theo Raeken's pack. He is also Mason Hewitt's boyfriend.

He is played by Michael Johnston.


Corey first appears in Season 5. He is seriously injured in the arm by Lucas, a Chimera of the Dread Doctors. He meets Scott McCall in the hospital and tells him about the attack. To change his mind, he goes to a nightclub and gets drunk. He meets Mason andkiss each other. In order to learn more about the Dread Doctors, Scott sticks his claws in Corey's neck and walks through his memories as well. This will create tension between the two of them. Later in the season, Corey notices that he is bleeding money and therefore is a failure of the Doctors experiment. He tries to run away from them and hide with his invisibility power but is eventually found and killed by the Dread Doctors. His corpse is taken by Deputy Parrish's Hellhound to the Nemeton along with the other deceased Chimera. Thanks to Theo, Corey is resurrected alongside Hayden, Tracy, and Josh to serve in Theo's Pack. All together, they go to find Lydia at Eichen House but Corey is reluctant to hurt the others. He is therefore threatened by Theo with being killed if he does not follow him but despite this, Corey leaves the Chimera Pack. He also helps Mason to be freed from the power of the Beast of Gevaudan which he was the host.

In Season 6, the Ghost Riders erase people from reality and remove memories from those who knew the victims. However, Corey is aware that he saw someone being wiped out by the Riders along with Mason and together research the creatures. He reluctantly works with Liam to understand the Wild Hunt. Corey will end up being one of the inhabitants to be erased from reality and he will be tied to cables in the radio room. He is released by Mason and Hayden. In Season 6B, Corey is among the supernatural creatures in danger in Beacon Hills because of the influence that makes the locals paranoid and hateful of the supernatural. His surnatural power is brought to light by Nolan who stuck a pen in her hand before it heals quickly afterwards. He, along with Mason, tries to protect Liam from Nolan and Gabe and the other students who want Liam to reveal his werewolf powers. He will fight the Werewolf Hunters in the hospital alongside Liam, Mason, Melissa McCall, Theo and Nolan.


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