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You have to take risks in life in order to have an adventure.
~ The Manticore

Corey the Manticore is a supporting protagonist in the 2020 Disney/Pixar film Onward. She is an adventurer and a warrior, though she retired from this job after magic was phased out from the world, and turned her tavern into a family restaurant. 

She is voiced by Octavia Spencer, who also voiced Mrs. Otterton in Zootopia.


Corey's appearance mostly takes inspiration from manticores from myths. She is a tall creature who mostly resembles a lion, though she also has the tail of a scorpion, bat-like wings, and horns. She also has several humanoid qualities - for instance, she walks in a bipedal stance, and is able to talk. She has pink nail polish on her claws, and wears a red button-up shirt and green shorts. She also has tattoos on her arms. She is likely to be thousands of years old, but physically appears somewhat young.

At the beginning of the movie, she has her hair tied up. She also wears a blue vest, green scarf, red high-heeled shoes, and spectacles. During her rampage, she removes these. 


Corey was somewhat uptight, anxious, and flustered when first seen in the movie. After going back to becoming an adventurer, she is brave, selfless, and fierce.

She is also seen to be friendly and kind to others, and has a comedic side.


Corey was a warrior for hundreds and possibly thousands of years, but after magic began to fade, she turned her tavern into a family restaurant. She retired from adventuring, and ended up selling the Curse Crusher at some point due to financial issues.

Role in the Film

When Ian and Barley come to the tavern, they ask Corey if she can help them find a Phoenix Gem in order to complete a spell that would bring back their father, Wilden. She initially refuses, but after Ian reminds her of her former days of being a warrior, she realizes that she doesn't like who she has become, feeling as though she has made a mistake. Out of anguish, she begins to go on a rampage, destroying her tavern and driving out her customers.

Later on, she meets Laurel, Ian and Barley's mother. Laurel sneaks her out of the scene, and Corey explains that there is a curse associated with the Phoenix Gem, which can only be lifted using The Curse Crusher. Since she sold the sword, she and Laurel end up going to the pawn shop she sold it to. When the owner of the pawn shop tried to charge them a large amount of money for the sword after hearing about how unique it is, Corey paralyzes her using her tail. Afterwards, Laurel and Corey leave the store with the sword (though Laurel still gives some amount of money for it).

Laurel's car ends up crashing after a Pixie Duster ends up getting hit by the windshield. Due to her car being damaged, Laurel asks Corey if she can continue the journey by flying them both. Although Corey hasn't used her wings in a while, she learns that she is able to fly, and the two of them end up flying into battle with the Curse Dragon. She cuts the wings off the Curse Dragon, but ended up being knocked down and injured. Laurel, Ian, and Barley ended up working together to defeat the dragon and lift the curse.

At the end of the movie, Corey reopens her tavern, but continues to be an adventurer (sometimes along with her new friend Laurel) while also keeping the tavern as a fun family restaurant.


  • Even though she is a manticore, several of her traits are different from traditional manticores in myths:
    • She has a lion's head instead of a humanoid head. However, early concept art showed her with a humanoid head.
    • She has horns and wings, although many modern depictions of manticores have horns and wings.
    • She is able to breathe fire.


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