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Hero Overview
Next? Irons just murdered thousands of innocent people on US soil. Next, we hunt him down... And we bury him.
~ Cormack to Knox in Armada.
Tough as nails and loyal to a fault, Sergeant Cormack is a grunt if there ever was one. He was a squad leader in the Marines for years, until he was asked to lead the Sentinel Task Force. Now, he tirelessly pursues those who would harm America, at home or abroad.
~ Description for Cormack from the Call of Duty website.

Major Cormack (b. 2024-2061) is a hero from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. He is the ally of Jack Mitchell and his best friend, Will Irons. After joining the Sentinel Task Force, Cormack works with Mitchell and his new allies, Gideon and Ilona in stopping Jonathan Irons and the Atlas Corporation.

He was portrayed by Russell Richardson, who also portrayed Howard in Call of Duty: WWII, and Jefferson Davis in Marvel's Spider-Man.


Advanced Warfare

Cormack was born in 2024 in the United States, but not much is known about his youth or family. Cormack, along with Jack Mitchell and Will Irons, are soldiers of the United States Marine Corps. Cormack was a great soldier and capable leader, and reached the rank of Sergeant in the corps, and would lead a marine team titled Badger.

Second Korean War

Mitchell? Mitchell! Spaceman, Badger Two is down, I need immediate medivac. Hold on. Stay with me. You're gonna be alright. We're gonna get you home.
~ Cormack helping a wounded Mitchell.
By July 10, 2054, Cormack, Will and Mitchell go to Seoul, South Korea to repel North Korean army out of the country. Despite destroying the gunship, Will sacrifices himself as he gets his arm stuck. Cormack sees the destruction, and helps Mitchell, who had loss his arm. Two weeks later in Arlington, Virginia, Mitchell and Cormack attend the funeral of Will with others. Cormack gave a speech about how Will was one of the best, and helped others carry his casket to his grave. While they walk, Cormack is interrupted by Jonathan Irons, the father of Will, who encourages Mitchell to join the Atlas Corporation. Despite Mitchell joining Atlas, Irons scorned Cormack when trying to dissuade Mitchell from not joining; only referring to him as "sergeant".


You've got questions. It's time for some answers. Until now we've stayed in the shadows. Watching Waiting. We were formed four years ago. A U.S. led multi professional unit. Codename: Sentinel. Our mission: to investigate the KVA attacks and prevent anything like that from happening again. But soon it became clear that there was an even greater threat... A man ready to exploit this tragedy for his own gain. After the attacks, Atlas rose to new heights. They took over security for ports, shipping lanes, pipelines. Nation after nation, handed over their most critical infrastructure, to Jonathan Irons. We realized too late, he was surrounding us. And in the last ten days, ISA chatter has surged. One word keeps getting flagged: "MANTICORE". Atlas is about to make a move, but we don't know what. It was a risk extracting you, but you're our best shot to find out what Manticore is and stop it.
~ Cormack in the opening of the mission "Sentinel".
Cormack would join Sentinel Task Force under "Kingpin" McDonell, a group created to stop KVA threats, but later focused on stopping Atlas' rise to power. Cormack would reunite with Mitchell after rescuing him out of New Baghdad alongside Ilona after Irons' actions were revealed. Cormack aided Mitchell and Ilona from escaping, going under the alias "X" and leading to him and his group. Though Gideon and Joker found them, the former decided to let them go as he wasn't persuaded that Irons did any wrong doing.

Cormack, Mitchell, Ilona, and Knox would infiltrate Irons' estate in a operation called Lone Wolf, and learned that Dr. Danois is working on Manticore, and that crates of it were headed to Antarctica. Cormack and Mitchell succeeded in escaping, placing a tracker on one of the planes before diving into the ocean below. They managed to get at least one content of Manticore, and works on to destroy a lumber factory somewhere on Bulgaria. Despite Cormack not trusting Gideon at first, the two earned each other's trust after completing the mission.

Captured and Death

Don't stop... don't...
~ Cormack's last words to Mitchell, Gideon, and Ilona before dying.

Cormack dying.

Cormack later provide communication support and later himself during the Battle on the Golden Gate Bridge with an Armada of ships. During their major assault on New Baghdad, he managed to get out of blast radius of Manticore saving him from death. But they met again with Mitchell, Gideon and Illona at the camp, and then after that Cormack got shot by Jonathan Irons. the 4 managed to escape. and as they get out of there. His last words are "Don't Stop...."  and died due to blood loss.

Cormack was avenged by Mitchell, Gideon, and Ilona, who decided to launch a final attack on him. They succeeded in destroying the Manticore rockets, and Mitchell killed Irons for good. Mitchell states that the war against Atlas is far from over, implying that the corporation is still in control, and will fight back.


All right, All right – listen up! We have our orders – inserting at LZ Epsilon. Down and dirty, just like we taught you. Everybody know what’s going on? Everybody know where they are going?!
~ Cormack speaking to the marines before going to South Korea.
And so it is time to say farewell to Private William Robert Irons. A man I had the privilege and honor to have under my command. A life is only important in proportion to its impact on the lives of others. By this standard, Private Irons ranks among one of our very best. He leaves behind family, friends, fellow Marines, and a grateful nation
~ Cormack speaking at Will's funeral.
I'm sorry, Mitchell. Will was one of our best. Look, we take care of our own. If you ever need anything...
~ Cormack to Mitchell before being interrupted by Jonathan Irons.
Listen, we've hacked into your exo system. I need you to trust me. In three seconds, the fire suppression system will be activated. Get ready to run. Go, now!
~ Cormack as "X", communicating with Mitchell and Ilona in "Utopia".
You remember your old sergeant, don't you? Let's get you out of here.
~ Cormack revealing himself to Mitchell.
I know this difficult, but I need you to move past that. This is bigger than any of us.
~ Cormack to Ilona.
Team, we have a green light on Operation Lone Wolf. Thanks to intel from Mitchell, we know that Irons will be traveling to his private estate for a high level meeting. I'll be leading the insertion team, and SEAL teams will be on standby for exfil. Irons is priority number 1. We infiltrate his home and we gather intel on his next move. Let's get it done.
~ Cormack to his team before going to Irons' estate.
Left a lot of bodies out there Mitchell.
~ Cormack to Mitchell if the player was on high alert or killed many targets.
Perfect run out there, Mitchell.
~ Cormack to Mitchell if the player was undetected and didn't kill anyone.
Our mission was to stop you... But if that meant killing you, I don't think anybody'd be too troubled.
~ Cormack to Irons.
What of your son, Will? What was he, wheat or chaff?
~ Cormack to Irons.


  • He stands at 6'0 ½ inch.
  • His primary weapon is the HBRa3.
  • Cormack is the multiplayer announcer for Task Force Sentinel.
  • Russell Richardson would voice Marcus Howard in another Call of Duty installment.
  • He is similar to John "Soap" MacTavish from the Modern Warfare series.
    • Both are called "hard bastards" by an ally (Gideon and John Price).
    • Both die from blood loss in front of the allies.
    • Both of their deaths are avenged, as their allies succeeded in killing the main antagonist at the end of the game (Jonathan Irons and Vladimir Makarov).
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