Next? Irons just murdered thousands of innocent people on US soil. Next, we hunt him down... And we bury him.
~ Cormack to Knox in Armada.

Major Cormack is a hero from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. He is the ally of Jack Mitchell and his best friend, Will Irons.

He was portrayed by Russell Richardson, who also portrayed Howard in Call of Duty: WWII, and Jefferson Davis in Marvel's Spider-Man.


Advanced Warfare

Cormack, along with Jack Mitchell and Will Irons, are soldiers of the United States Marine Corps.

By July 10th 2054, Cormack, Will and Mitchell go to Seoul, South Korea to repel North Korean army out of the country. Despite destroying the gunship, Will sacrifices himself as he gets his arm stuck. Cormack sees the destruction, and helps Mitchell, who had loss his arm. Two weeks later in Arlington, Virginia, Mitchell and Cormack attend the funeral of Will. While they walk, Cormack is interrupted by Jonathan Irons, the father of Will. Despite Mitchell joining Atlas, Irons scorned Cormack when trying to dissuade Mitchell from not joining.

Cormack would join Sentinel Task Force under "Kingpin" McDonell, a group created to stop KVA threats, but later focused on stopping Atlas' rise to power. Cormack would reunite with Mitchell after rescuing him out of New Baghdad alongside Ilona after Irons' actions were revealed. Cormack, Mitchell, Ilona, and Knox would infiltrate Irons' estate, and learn that Dr. Danois is working on Manticore, and that crates of it were headed to Antarctica. They managed to get at least 1 content of Manticore and works on to destroy a lumber factory somewhere on Bulgaria.


Cormack dying.

Cormack later provide communication support and later himself during the Battle on the Golden Gate Bridge with an Armada of ships. During their major assault on New Baghdad, he managed to get out of blast radius of Manticore saving him from death. But they met again with Mitchell, Gideon and Illona at the camp, and then after that Cormack got shot by Jonathan Irons. the 4 managed to escape. and as they get out of there. His last words are "Don't Stop...."  and died due to blood loss.

Cormack was avenged by Mitchell, Gideon, and Ilona, who decided to launch a final attack on him. They succeeded in destroying the Manticore rockets, and Mitchell killed Irons for good. Mitchell states that the war against Atlas is far from over, implying that the corporation is still in control, and will fight back.



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