Bernie, watch my chops
~ Corneil

Corneil  is the main protagonist of the 2003-2006 series Watch My Chops.

He is voiced by Keith Wickham.

Corneil is a pampered pet dog who is intelligent and is able to talk. The only one to know about this is his dogsitter and best friend Bernie Barges, who he has misadventures with.


Corneil is intelligent, cultivated and speaks with a Northern English accent. He loves the comfort of his apartment. He is able to read, and write, which he attempts to keep a secret, not wanting to be treated strangely by humans. In the presence of his masters John and Beth, he plays the faithful dog. It is only when he is alone or in the company of Bernie that he behaves like a human, answering the phone, cooking, solving problems of mathematics or attempting to questions of philosophy. He usually either helps Bernie with his problems or bails him out while other times pursuing his own goal with Bernie in tow. His mannerisms are reminiscent of Mr. Peabody from Rocky and Bullwinkle.

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