Cornelius Odin Sphere
Cornelius is the noble prince of the Human kingdom of Titania. He had the misfortune to fall to an ambush while going to see Velvet, and suddenly woke up in the Netherworld in the form of a Pooka. Afflicted with the Pooka Curse, Cornelius sets out to find the one responsible and return back to Velvet.


He is very courageous and unbending in his beliefs, but these qualities also make him very naive. Nonetheless he is a true hero and will do whatever he can to aid those in need. Cornelius is also a romantic at heart, as seen in his interactions with Velvet. Due to his form, he fears Velvet will no longer love him and would rather not have her bound to him because of it. Cornelius won't tolerate anyone who harms Velvet, as he fought off Mercedes and also Urzur.


Cornelius is seen as a Lawful Good, or a Lawful Neutral in the case of the Cauldron War where he fought against both sides, only getting involved to find Velvet.


In his human form, Cornelius is rather tall with shoulder-length blonde hair. He wears a red tunic with a green short cloak and black leggings.

In his Pooka form, he is very short, anthro-rabbit type creature with blue fur. He wears a green hood with small upper armor and knight gauntlets.

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