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Filmore, I'am on it!
~ Filmore's most famous quote.
~ Filmore's catchphrase.

Cornelius C. Fillmore is a seventh grader at X Middle School and the main protagonist of the TV show, Fillmore!. He is a member of the safety patrol. He was a juvenile delinquent, but his life changed when he became part of the safety patrol. He is voiced by Orlando Brown.


Fillmore is a hardworking, determined member of the safety patrol and shows this in each and every case. He is shown that he dedicates to his job and can even break school rules (and property) to accomplish his goals. Fillmore has also shown to be rash and jump to quick conclusions on who the culprit could be. Although a tough officer, Fillmore has also shown to be a kind and caring person, willing to risk himself for the sake of his comrades.


In the past, Fillmore used to be a school thug, as his personal record was filled with crimes and detention slips attained from his various pranks and actions. It wasn't until Safety Patrol Officer Wayne Liggett arrested him for a crime and gave him a choice of whether to help him solve other cases or spend the rest of Middle School in detention. Fillmore chose to join the safety patrol and from then he was a reformed person who played by the rules and stopped those who sought to break them. After Wayne moved away, Fillmore became a loner in the safety patrol as he didn't want to lose another friend. After Wayne left, Ingrid Third arrived at the school and was framed for a crime, Fillmore helped her prove her innocence and she too joined the safety patrol as his new partner.



  • He is reminiscent of Nick Fury from the Marvel Universe.
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