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Willibald Feivel Cornfed, also known as Cornfed Pig is the deuteragonist of the adult animated sitcom Duckman.

He works as a detective, along with Duckman, and is his partner who is a better detective than him and takes his job seriously.

He was voiced by Gregg Berger who also voiced Odie from the Garfield franchise.


Cornfed is a loyal, competent, talented, and deadpan pig who works with Duckman in solving cases and usually solves them while Duckman tries to take all the credit. Despite not being treated well by him, Cornfed is incredibly loyal to Duckman and often helps him out. He is shown to be more successful than Duckman and usually attracts more women than him due to his popularity.

He is shown to be a virgin, but lost his virginity to Bernice to avoid succumbing to a family genetic disease.

He is also shown to get along well with Duckman's kids, more than Duckman himself and they see him as a role model.