The bigger they come, the harder they fall, Spider Rider!
~ Corona

Corona is the deuteragonist of the Spider Riders series. She is a Spider Rider of Archna. She is Hunter Steele's battle partner and sister of Aqune , and both are the Spirit Oracle's Hand Maidens.

In the Japanese version, she is voiced by Saeko Chiba and in the English version, she is voiced by Stacey DePass.


Corona is a happy and friendly person, and a great warrior. Corona often times wishes she was just a normal girl, with only normal problems in her life. Corona frequently worries about Hunter when he jumps in to save the people, and gets himself hurt. Corona seems to care a great deal for Hunter, as does her spider for Battle Spider Shadow. Corona strength grows (using her power) when Hunter is in danger during battle or is about to be harmed. In "Hunter's Holiday", Corona clearly expresses her desire to spend some time with Hunter alone but when he refuses she took out her anger by practicing on targets with Hunter's face on them.


Corona has blue eyes and blond hair held up in a pony tail.

Civilian Attire

Pink backless dress, accessorized with orb-like gems on a choker and earrings, long white gloves, long black high heeled boots.

Spider Rider Armor

White turtle neck, accessorized with orb-like gems on a choker and earrings, pair of small angel wings, white high heeled angel boots, black and aqua armor, pink skirt, orange and gold shield.


  • In Because I'm a Warrior, Corona changes to a pink, poofy dress with buttoned spaghetti straps and dark pink trim, white bow-tie turtleneck with a pink trim, orange orb-like gems on earrings, pink headband, pink choker and white boots. Here, her hair is let loose, and is revealed to be shoulder-length.


Beises the usual Spider Rider powers, Corona has shown to be able to tap into the Oracle's power, helping Hunter in tight spots.

Spider Rider Weapon

Corona uses a bow and arrows after her transformation. She has also shown to let the 'Oracle guide her bow' and take out a dozen Invecteds with one shot.





  • Corona and Aqune were originally not going to be sisters. Instead, Corona was going to be the daughter of a maiden of Nuuma, most probably Queen Illuma .
  • Her Rider form does show some similarities with Princess Peach from the Super Mario series.
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