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Corvus is the main protagonist of the game Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders, and Heretic II (he is named in the final game, while in the first, he is unnamed and the first-person character). He is a member of the tribe of the Sidhe elves on the world of Parthoris. In fact, he is the one the game's player plays. Originally, he only carries a staff (for poking an enemy) and an Elven Wand, but he can carry more weapons too.

Corvus is never heard speaking in the first Heretic, but he does speak in Heretic II.

In the City of the Damned, he eventually attacks a group of Iron Liches (some of whom act as normal enemies on future levels) and seals the portal of Hell's Maw, where he eventually attacks a bunch of Malotaurs (some of whom also act as normal enemies on some future levels). Finally, he tries to get home, only to hear mocking laughter and for a crystal dome to form over where the sky should be. Eventually, he kills D'Sparil's Chaos Serpent and after many trials, manages to kill D'Sparil, but doesn't feel safe.

In the expansion pack, Shadow of the Serpent Riders, he still doesn't get home. Instead, he goes to two worlds previously dominated by D'Sparil.

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