Cornelius "Cory" Baxter (Born in August 28, 1993 at Atlanta, Georgia) is the main protagonist of the That's So Raven spin-off series and Cory in the House. He is Raven's younger brother and lives with his dad, Victor Baxter in Washington, DC. Cory's best friends are Newt Livingston and Meena Paroom. Cory is also occasionally the antagonist in That's So Raven.

He was played by Kyle Massey.


He usually looks to his dad for advice. Cory occasionally cooks up various "get-rich-quick" schemes, all of which end badly. He plays the drums and has a great sense of rhythm, which is why he is part of the band DC3 founded by Newt, Cory, and Meena., and they both are always getting into some crazy situation, but in the end they find a way out of it.

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