Vladimir Tsepish

Count Vladmir Tsepish is one of the heroes of the 1994 Fantasy, King's Quest VII. He is the ruler of Ooga Booga, an undead and dead and dark land of the world of Eldritch. His grave read:

Count Vladimir Tsepish,
Fearless Warrior,
Devoted Husband,
And Lord Protector of Ooga Booga land, High Paladin of the Land.

King's Quest 7

Before the events of King's Quest VII, he fought Malicia, the villain and dark fairy, and her army of darkness and later was beheaded by her vile gargoyle. Then because of Malicia's encouragement, Boogeyman, a bad guy and one of Malicia's henchmen, takes over Ooga Booga and becomes more vicious. Count Tsepish then becomes cursed to fly the skies, in search of his head riding his steed, Necromancer.

When Queen Valance and Princess Rosella, the heroes and rulers of Daventry, enter the world of Eldritch, later Queen Valance learns from a black cat and heroine, that Queen Valanice must go to Etheria, an ethereal and heavenly kingdom, in the sky and clouds of Eldritch, and seek the aid of King Oberon and Queen Titania, the rulers of Etheria, in order to save her daughter and the world. The Black Cat says that Count Tsepish will help her if she lifts his curse. Queen Valanice goes to the ruins of Count Tsepish and Elspeth's home and learns from Black Valiant, his dog and hero, after she demonstrates kindness by giving him a bone that of his master's and mistress's fates and to take Count Tsepish's pendant to Elspeth at his tomb, which she does. Then with the tomb unoccupied, Queen Valanice gets a fire cracker and puts it, in the key hole of Count Tsepish's grave, which unlocks the door.

In his tomb, she gets his skull and then takes it to Count Tsepish and Necromancer. Necromancer stops in front of Queen Valanice and she gives Count Tsepish his head back and his restored. Then the horrible curse is lifted and Elspeth is restored back to her old and beautiful self as well. Count Tsepish then thanks Queen Valanice and gives her his fife and the help of Necromancer and becomes the ruler of Oogia Booga again.


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