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Courtney Claire Gripling is a supporting character in As Told by Ginger. She is a friend of Ginger.

She was voiced by Liz Georges.

Physical Appearance

While not extremely look smart, Courtney is not a typical ditzy blonde: she takes advanced language class that Macie  also attends and is very curious about the world around her, particularly the world outside the millionaire lifestyle her family attends.


Courtney came off as spoiled from the pilot episode. However, she is a very friendly, nice person, and can be pretty quick to include the "unpopular" girls in whatever she's doing at the time. Though she's a self-proclaimed "snob", she's actually very nice. A lot of the time she's a better friend to Ginger than her so-called "BFF" Dodie, and it was usually Courtney's friend Miranda who egged her on toward more Alpha-Bitch-like deeds. She also doesn't usually take delight in other's misfortunes, instead feeling sympathetic. Courtney looks to Ginger as someone she can turn to when she needs help or advice from someone other than her mindless followers.


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