Wiz - lion
The Cowardly Lion is the tetartagonist in The Wiz. Ted Ross portrayed him in both the play and movie. He was banished from the jungle for being a coward and joins Dorothy and her friends to get courage from The Wiz.


In the musical version, the Lion is played by Ted Ross . He is a senstive and poetic beast. Ted Ross won a Tony Award for the performance. In the movie version Ted Ross revived the role once more. This lion was banished from the jungle, He later relocated at a library disgusing himself as a statue, Once Dorothy and her friends come about, he leaps off the pedistal and scares them, but after Toto bites his paw, they soon realize he's a coward. They invite him to see the Wiz with them. Despite being a coward, he shows some bravery by saving his friends from a peddler and his subway monsters and even tells Dorothy not to give Eviline the Silver Slippers despite being strung up by his tail.

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