”Creek clothes activate!”

~ Craig putting on his “Creek Clothes”

Craig Williams is the titular main protagonist of Craig of the Creek. He is a 10-year-old boy who lives with his two parents Duane and Nicole, his younger sister Jessica, and his older brother Bernard. He is best friends with Kelsey and J.P., both of whom he frequently hangs out with. His first appearance was in the pilot episode. He is voiced by Phillip Solomon.


Craig appears to be extremely imaginative and lives in his own little world. He can be narrow-minded and impatient at times as shown in "Jessica Goes to the Creek" when he continually fails to make a catapult and ignores his sister's complaints of not being able to go inside. However, at the end of the episode he apologizes for being rude. He is also a bit of a hoarder as seen in "Too Many Treasures". Craig is also the smart one of the group as he can be seen making traps in "Too Many Treasures" and has also made a chair out of a cardboard box.

Physical appearance

Craig is of average stature and is rather slim. He has dark skin, large expressive eyes, similarly sized ears, a prominent flat nose, and black hair. His head is also large for his overall size.

Creek clothes

His main outfit, dubbed his "creek clothes," consists of a yellow T-shirt with gray hooded vest (also known as his "hoodie armor", which has level 7 protection against thorns), jeans, and white sneakers. He also carries a large teal-colored frame purse, dubbed the "Purse of Holding," around with him.


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