Say hi to Crazy Carl. He calls me the Blue Devil.
~ Sonic referring to Carl.
I know you're out there! And I know you're real!
~ Exasperated Carl shouting to Sonic, after ending up falling into his own trap in an another failed attempt to catch the anthropomorphic hedgehog

Crazy Carl is a minor antagonist turned supporting character in the Sonic the Hedgehog film. He is the first human to discover Sonic and attempts to catch the speedy mischief maker, but his attempts always end in failure. To add insult to injury, nobody in his town takes the old man seriously.

Carl is portrayed by Frank C. Turner.


Crazy Carl has tenacious yet unstable personality in which he attempted to capture Sonic in spite of his repeated failures and later to fight Robotnik with a chainsaw to defend Sonic.


Crazy Carl is first seen having made a drawing of Sonic to prove the hedgehog's existence, but to his frustration, no one in the town takes him seriously.

Unbeknownst to Carl, Sonic is alerted to Carl being onto him. Eventually, Carl decides to take matters into his own hand by laying numerous traps in his bid to catch the speedy hedgehog to prove to the townsfolk, but Sonic thwarts Crazy Carl every time to protect his safety. Carl is vindicated later in the movie when Tom, upon actually seeing Sonic, realized that Carl had been right all along.

Carl is later seen again, along with officer Wade Whipple, after Sonic loses his race against Robotnik and is wounded by the mad doctor, inadvertently returning to the town where he and Tom left. The old man tried to protect Sonic with a chainsaw in front of a police, bravely proving to the townsfolk that Sonic is indeed real.

After Robotnik was dealt with, it is presumed that Carl is content having Sonic living in his town.


  • Crazy Carl's drawing was a reference to the character Sanic.


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