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Cricket Green is the main protagonist of the Disney television series Big City Greens. He is a country boy who moved to the Big City.

He is voiced by show creator Chris Houghton.


Cricket has yellow skin and dirty blonde hair styled in two parted bangs and buck teeth. He wears blue overalls over a grey shirt.  Unlike the other members of the Green family, he does not wear any shoes. There is a metal plate located at the back of his forehead as shown by X-Rays.

While working at Big City Coffee, he wears a blown cap and apron.


Cricket is an optimistic and adventurous 10 year old country boy. He often enjoys exploring the Big City in an attempt to see everything it has to offer. However, he is also quite mischievous, as many of his antics often lead to him into getting into trouble with many of the city's citizens and businesses.


Cricket, alongside his sister Tilly and their father Bill moved to the Big City prior to the series to lived with their Gramma Alice. Their house stood out from most of the other buildings as it was notably rural in appearance. Nonetheless, Cricket almost immediately took an interest in the new surroundings.

Overtime, Cricket met and befriended several of the residents that lived within the Big City, including Remy Remington , a boy who lived nearby, and Gloria, a barista who works at the adjacent Big City Coffeeshop who initally didn't like Cricket for his destructive antics.

In "Cricketball", Cricket begins working part-time at Big City Coffee after one of his antics ends of causing substantial damage to the location, angering Gloria and her boss Ms. Cho. As a form of apology, Cricket agrees to work at the coffee shop until damages are payed off, and overtime his relationship with Gloria improves.

In "Phoenix Rises", Cricket goes on a wild goose chase to find his dog Phoenix, who suddenly ran away without reason. After failing to find him in a number of place (including a Biker's tavern), Phoenix eventually returns home alongside Cricket's mother Nancy. Cricket, alongside most of the Green Family (except Alice) are all happy to learn that she has finally been released from prison, and that the family has finally been reunited.




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