You may have summoned me, but you can't control me!
~ Crimson Eyes to Schwartz.
Heh heh, I thought I heard a disturbance. How rare it is to have such visitors. Greetings, Celestial Lord. I am Crimson Eyes, the demon lord who has lived hundreds of millions of years, though you would not know if from my appearance. I see you have the Oracle and the key to the Infernal Realm with you. Oh, and is that not Hades as well? The little cutie sure has grown up into a fine lady, ha ha ha ha ha! But enough with the pleasantries. I know why you're here. And as much as I'd like to say you will never leave my realm alive, Calamity would not allow my slaying of you to go unanswered. As such, I shall let you pass this time. I look forward to the next time we meet, O Celestial Lord. And that might be sooner than you think, heh heh heh.
~ Crimson Eyes to the Valkyries and Hades.

Crimson Eyes is an anti-heroine/anti-villain that appeared in the android mobile video game, Valkyrie Crusade. She was once a major antagonist in the two previous story events and she also appeared in the Demon Realm Voyage story as she was involved in the story as well. She was also one of the Demon Lords who ruled the Demon Realm.


Crimson Eyes was an unpredictable character as she always have a grin on her face, which was both subtle and unnerving. She was

Despite that, Crimson Eyes also revealed her softer side; that she deeply cared for her minions and even respected her opponents.


Crimson Eyes is an ancient Demon Lord who ruled the Demon Realm just before the other Demon Lords prior of the story.

When Calamity was placed with the Miasmic curse which caused her to unable to rule, Crimson Eyes took control over her domian and ruled the entire Demon Realm following Calamity's absence.

Powers & Abilities

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