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So we're stuck in an evil house, and our only hope of escape is reading creepypasta. Did I mention how much I hate you?
~ Crimson Fury in Episode 11


Crimson Fury is the secondary protagonist of the webseries Fan-Friction by Applebetty. While Arnold Odysseus tends to be eager for adventure (or even just casual about it despite any obvious risks to life and limb), the cynical Crimson Fury is never happy to put his life on the line for anything, and often tries to talk his way out of being a hero, if not keep on the sidelines and let Arnold do the dirty work. Despite this, he is a phenomenal fighter and can easily take down superior forces (when they aren't pointing guns in his face). He is always referred to by his wrestling/MMA handle and never by his real name, which remains a mystery. He is also something of a womanizer with a clinical fetish for tough women. He has had flings with both of the recurring female protagonists, Marilyn Campbell and Julie Zenith, both of whom he barely gets along with otherwise.

Riffing Style

Crimson Fury has little to no patience with bad fiction, so he usually flings the most barbed comments when riffing, or goes into outright angry rants. His comments sometimes border on obscene if he REALLY dislikes what he's reading.

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