It's not too late to give up!
~ Cro

Cro is one of the playable characters in the online fighting videogame Mini Fighter. A Chinese martial artist who can control fire and wind.


Cro is Dr. Shade's best disciple and Cro also is very impatient that other people called him Fire.

He combines his immense physical strength and the gentle martial arts moves to incapacitate his opponents. Surprisingly, his growth was surprisingly fast, and everyone was delighted with his growth.

However, his mentors sent him to Dr. Shade, who was a benefactor of the village so that he could meet the wide world and become a bigger vessel to hold many things, so that Cro was lacking the patience and calmness required of a martial artist.

Dr Shade accepts him as a disciple and Kang, the main protagonist is his friend and rival.

In his story, he celebrated the annual Fire Dragon Gala alongside with his father. He hated the annual routine and was wondering about flying or ghost hunting in Mt. Jongnam. He heard the citizens saying rumors about the missing people. Later, he went out to go hunt some ghosts in the woods and he got ready for the powerful fire dragon blast attack to get rid of the ghosts roaming around in the forest.

After discovering about Dr. Shade's death, Cro felt really angry about it and swore revenge on Delta-M. He and Kang's group began a journey to avenge the death of Dr. Shade.


Physical Features: Cro appears to have orange hair and orange eyes. His ultimate form's hair color is a brownish orange and is tied into a spiked ponytail.

Cro is a 16 year old young man with no shirt and wears black wrist bands with the Yin-Yang sign, black pants, and walks around barefoot.

His initial design is depicted wearing white pants and wears bandages on his hands.

His evolved variant appears to be 18 years old. He is shown wearing a sleeveless white shirt with a hoodie, black pants with a red sash, bandaged hands, and around his neck a black necklace.

His ultimate form's age is now 21 years old and has white pants with black leg warmers, Yin-Yang belt, blue waist cloth, long fingerless black gloves, one black shoulder pad on his right shoulder, and his left shoulder has fur.


Cro is hotheaded and self-assured, but he cares for others too. He is sometimes rude or nice to others. He also can be funny or serious at times. His personality is similar to Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach or Kyo Sohma from Fruit Baskets.

Power and Skills

Cro has an energy ball attack that is similar to Ryu's hadouken. His moving punching attacks are similar to Ryu's Shoyuken and a powerful turning kick. Also, Cro controls wind instead of fire in his later forms. His other evolved forms can control wind to blow away his foes and can create a powerful attack with a breezing wolf attack at his foes which is similar to Kang's flaming tiger attack.




  • Cro's fighting style is based on Ryu from Street Fighters.
  • He is born on April 21st.
  • His blood type is A.
  • His zodiac sign is Aries.


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