Crow T. Robot is one of the two robots who riffs on bad movies with Joel Robinson, Mike Nelson, or Jonah Heston on the Satellite of Love. He was built by Joel from "extra parts" to preserve his sanity along with Tom Servo.


Crow is the less mature of the two robots and tends to be very opinionated and sarcastic towards the movies he watches. Initially, he had a naive adolescent personality, treating Joel as a father figure and Mike as a big brother.

When the Satellite of Love went to the edge of the universe Crow and his fellow Satellite of Love inhabitants became beings of pure energy. Crow quickly became bored and returned to his physical form on the SOL after only five minutes. He would spend the next five hundred years on the SOL while Mike and the others remained as energy beings. During that time he wound up replacing his bowling pin, resulting in a voice change. His personality also changed somewhat, becoming more irritable and impatient.

After Mike and the others returned to the SOL, it took some time for Crow to remember Mike and the others. The SOL eventually returned to the present day. The SOL would later crash land on Earth. Mike, Servo, and Crow went to live in an apartment together, and spent their first weekend together watching The Crawling Eye (the first movie that Joel and the Bots screened in season one). As they began watching the film Crow remarked there was something familiar about the film.

On occasion, Crow has been known to make inappropriate remarks when watching a movie, sometimes getting a scolding from Joel or Mike. This has become known to fans as Crow Syndrome. In earlier seasons, Joel would tear Crow's arm off in frustration.

Throughout the series, he has made many accomplishments including writing several screenplays along with a satirical musical called Supercalifragilisticexpialiwacky!.


  • For the first seven seasons of MST3K Crow was operated and voiced by Trace Beaulieu, who had also portrayed Dr. Clayton Forrester. Trace left at the end of the seventh season, at which point operation and voicing of Crow was turned over to Bill Corbett. In addition to having a different voice Corbett put his own spin on operating Crow. The voice and personality changes that were seen by audiences were explained in-universe as resulting from time spent alone on the SOL while the others remained as energy beings as well replacement of the bowling pin.
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