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Cula (큐라) is a Vampire who attends the midnight school alike his fellow classmates and the main character of the Asian cartoon “Spookiz”

Official Biography

Cula is a descendant of a royal Dracula family. He may seem cold-blooded and evil, but he actually wants to get close to others and become their friends. He has an extreme sense of perfectionism and is a complete neat freak! You may see him and his sidekick KongKong get up to no good, but he's a good soul really!


Cula is often depicted as the leader of the gang. He is cool, cold, cruel, prideful and extreme perfectionist.


Cula's main color is gray but occasionally red and dark blue are associated with him as well.


Cula is specifically related to the Dracula family of vampires. Like a classic vampire, Cula is able to feast on blood, but like most child friendly / pop culture vampires he consumes tomatoes and strawberry milk instead. His reflection is not shown but as he reacts to it it seems to be visible for him.

As he shares traits with bats, he is shown to walk on ceiling. While in the cartoon shorts he is never shown to transform into a bat, as per the movie announcement he is shown to be able to do so.