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Hero Overview

Double Down!
~ Cuphead's most famous quote.
Eh, I ain't too worried about it.
~ Cuphead's catchphrase.

Cuphead is the titular main protagonist of the 2022 Netflix series The Cuphead Show!. He is a mischievous boy who lives with his younger brother Mugman and their caretaker, Elder Kettle, in the woods on Inkwell Isle. Together with Mugman, Cuphead has gone on plenty of thrilling misadventures, he also tries to avoid The Devil so he doesn't take his soul.

He is voiced by Tru Valentino in English, while he is also voiced by Natsuki Hanae in the Japanese dub.


He is a normal cup with a normal white body and a teacup as his head. He appears to be wearing a black shirt, a red and white striped bent straw protruding out the back of his head, along with liquid (you can also call it Milk) filling his head. He has large half-circle eyes and a small red nose. He wears yellow gloves like Bugs Bunny from the old Looney Tunes cartoons and "Looney Tunes Cartoons" TV Show, red shorts, and brown shoes. However his gloves is different just like in the game.

For another appearances, Cuphead also wears red underwear and another appearance, he wears an invisible sweater.


In The Cuphead Show!, his personality doesn't really have much changes compared to the video game version. However, he is notably more cocky and reckless. Compared to the game and the show, Cuphead and Mugman fights while it never happens in the game, either because of an actual reason, or simply because they are "not supposed to" even though it's a rule. Although he is not utterly dimwitted, Cuphead is prone to making foolishness decisions. While a contestant on the gameshow "Roll the Dice", He was unable to name the well-known nursery rhyme "Twinkle twinkle, little star", and in the episode Sweater Luck Next Time, he takes off the sweater even though it can save his life from danger while the Devil is there to get him. However, The latter scenario could also suggest that Cuphead may occasionally lack a sense of self preservation, possibly bought on as a result of his own reckless nature.


Cuphead and Mugman lived happily in Inkwell Isle together with their caretaker Elder Kettle. While Cuphead and Mugman were painting the fence, Cuphead mentioned that maybe instead of having the same old and boring stuff everyday, they wanted to go on a adventure together, while they're getting more paint, they saw a new carnival which is known as "Carnevil".

After they saw that carnival, he was known as a expert of Soulball, while the Devil noticed Cuphead having his fun, the Devil decided to go and fight the Cuphead but then ended up getting his Soulball Machine destroyed.

Back then, Cuphead is now on adventures fighting the Devil with his brother Mugman, while Cuphead is mostly the problem to the Devil, Mugman will be there to help him especially when Cuphead is on danger.



While it was breakfast, Elder Kettle decided to tell them to paint the fence, while Cuphead and Mugman were painting the fence, Cuphead doesn't want the same old and boring stuff everyday, all he wants is to just go in adventures together, while they're getting more paint, they saw a new carnival which is known as "Carnevil". After they saw that carnival, Mugman doesn't want to be in the carnival because it would be such a bad idea but instead Cuphead wants a "Double down", while Mugman asked what it means, Cuphead said he wanted to go to the carnival while Mugman said no but Cuphead didn't listen, they just go to the carnival instead. After Cuphead and Mugman having their fun in the carnival while they still have enough time to paint the fence, Cuphead just instead started playing soulball while Mugman only want him to go back to the house painting the fence. While fans were watching Cuphead winning in soulball, they were quite surprised he was winning. Earlier today, souls were taken in the carnival thanks to the Devil, the Devil takes souls from the games, currently, no more souls were taken ever since the people were watching Cuphead winning. So the Devil decided to go in the Carnival and fight Cuphead and Mugman. While Mugman told Cuphead to stop playing, Cuphead lost because the ball was in the loser hole. While the Cuphead noticed the Devil, Cuphead's soul was almost taken but then Mugman saved his soul and put it back in his body. Cuphead and Mugman are about to run while the Devil is gonna kill them. After them running, Mugman mention it's time for a double down. After Cuphead saying it's a bad idea, Mugman wants him and Cuphead to be cornered while the Devil is about to shoot them, after them cornered in the Soulball, Mugman pushed Cuphead and the Devil ended up destorying the Soulball. After it was destroyed, Cuphead and Mugman decided to run. The Devil said he's gonna get that cup but then Hencemen said "Head?", the Devil decided to tell him to shut up. After them running, they need to paint the fence, they need to use the cannon so that they finish in time but instead destroyed the fence and hit Elder Kettle.

Baby Bottle

While the Elder Kettle is going outside for a while, the Elder Kettle tells both Cuphead and Mugman 2 rules while he's gone, he don't want them to touch the radio or don't fight either, after saying those 2 rules, he left the house. While Cuphead and Mugman didn't listen, they just fight, they even almost touched the radio. After they continued fighting, Mugman decide to ask why they're fighting again and then Cuphead just say we're not supposed to but then continued fighting. While, there was a door knocking, Cuphead and Mugman said "Back so soon, Elder Kettle?" but then they just saw a baby in the door. They decided to take care of it while Elder Kettle is gone. While Cuphead doesn't know anything about taking care of the baby, Mugman decided to teach him how. Mugman said that babies needs love. While Cuphead is taking the baby, he said "Dada" but then make the baby cry. Cuphead ended up screaming while Mugman is mad because he make the baby cry. Mugman is gonna take care of the baby but he want Cuphead to take care of it for a little while Mugman is busy. While Cuphead is taking care of the baby, taking care of it is harder than they imagined even the baby break the Fish bowl. After when Mugman saw the mess that he thought Cuphead break, he gets mad. Mugman decided to give the Baby his Teddy Bear but then the Baby destroyed it, Mugman was terrified and he is gonna kill him while Cuphead stopped him. After weird things are happenings, the baby went crazy and decided to kill both Cuphead and Mugman. After Elder Kettle get home, he noticed the house was destroyed but then he was mad about his radio, Cuphead and Mugman said it was the baby's fault but Elder Kettle is happy that the baby was cute but then the baby ripped off his mustache, while Elder Kettle saying "Bad baby", the Baby decided to fight him while Cuphead and Mugman is there to help Elder Kettle. Cuphead, Mugman, and Elder Kettle decided to get their stuff ready to fight the baby but then the baby is ready to get inside of his basket. So Cuphead, Mugman, and Elder Kettle decided to bring it to a mother. A mother was so happy that she decide to take care of it. Now Cuphead, Mugman, and Elder Kettle are happy that they get rid of the baby.

Ribby & Croaks

After when Cuphead and Mugman were arguing about the Ice Cream, Elder Kettle tell them to stop arguing about the Ice Cream, he decided to give Cuphead some Pocketlint and Mugman 5 bucks. But then they continued arguing because Cuphead gets pocketlint while Mugman gets 5 bucks but then Elder Kettle tell them to just go. After Cuphead and Mugman walking, they saw a ship, they decided to check something interesting about the ship, Ribby & Croaks introduced themselves ever since Cuphead and Mugman saw them, Ribby & Croaks are boxing fighters, after the introduction, they decided to ask them about the 20 bucks if they wanna go in the ship ever since they saw that there's free Ice Cream. But the bad part is that they don't have 20 bucks but instead 5 bucks and some pocket lint, after that Ribby and Croaks kicked them because they didn't have enough. After that, they decided to sneak in the ship but they were sad after their pocket lint being very wet and soggy. While they were sneaking in the vents, they see Ice Cream but they still want to hide so that Ribby and Croaks don't see them but after when there's something very hot in the vents, they decided to get something cold but ended up being too frozen and they're about to be turned into frozen meat. While there was a wife and husband arguing, Cuphead and Mugman escaped. Cuphead and Mugman are about to grab the Ice Cream but then later on, Ribby and Croaks caught them and decided to get them but then the ship gets worse, earlier today, Ribby and Croaks talked about their mom being very nice while their dad is very mean, right now, the poster of their mom is on fire and now they're decided to get Cuphead and Mugman for their trouble but then Cuphead and Mugman decided to forgive each other for the argue earlier today because of the Ice Cream, the ship is now destroyed, Ribby and Croaks are now shocked that the ship was destroyed so Ribby and Croaks decided to fight each other because they either saying it's their fault but when they saw Cuphead and Mugman, they're happy because Cuphead and Mugman are real brothers.

Handle With Care

Cuphead and Mugman were planning a pillow fight, after that they're ready to fight, while they started fighting, Cuphead instead hitting in circles while Mugman is hitting a coach, later on, Mugman broke his handle (possibly because he probably hit his handle in the wall). Cuphead saw him but then was shocked his handle is broken and Mugman said that if there's something wrong and Cuphead said no. Mugman knows there's something wrong, he looked in the mirror and he noticed that the handle was broken. Mugman was scared that it was broken, Cuphead said that we'll handle it so that they'll fix it. Later on, they went to Porkrind's place, they decided to ask Porkrind for Glue to stick his handle but later on, when they show his handle, Porkrind was about to barf after seeing it but he was not gonna barf because of that, he just ate a rotten fish sandwich that almost makes him barf. Porkrind didn't either care about the handle or Mugman but he just get the Glue anyway. While Porkrind was looking for some Glue, it was empty so Cuphead and Mugman decided to check for new handles that are good for Mugman but yet there are not much interesting to find and Mugman only wanted his old handle back. After Porkrind looking for more Glue, there are not much. They decided to just go home and Cuphead and Mugman will rather check Elder Kettle if he can noticed it but then he did and he was scared, Mugman will rather stay in the coach. Later on, Elder Kettle told him about the baby handle. He told his story about him getting a man handle. Ever since his baby handle was broken, he decided to put it under the pillow and wait for his man handle. After when the story finished, Cuphead wanted a man handle too. So then at night, they put their handles in the pillow and wait for daytime. After it was daytime, it's not exactly new because Elder Kettle only disguised as a Handle Fairy and glued their handles back. When they got their handles back, they said "Hey Elder Kettle, look at our new man handles", Elder Kettle said "Oh, looks like he- I mean she did a great job", Cuphead and Mugman's last line was "Cheers" and they detached their heads but then it broke when it got close to each other.

Roll The Dice

Cuphead and Mugman were playing with Elder Kettle's tire but Elder Kettle to not play with the tire but then they lost the tire, it's all around the city, they need to get the tire, otherwise they wouldn't found it if they didn't look for it, the tire ended up went to the show. Earlier today, Elder Kettle was listening to their favorite show "Roll The Dice". Yet, the Tire ended up went to the Roll The Dice show. Cuphead and Mugman went there to get it but then Cuphead ended up being a lucky person to be with King Dice. Cuphead decided to introduce himself but yet then he really likes Hotdogs (could also possible be Popcorn as he's also been eating a lot of Popcorn in the carnival). King Dice said it was a lovely introduction but then Cuphead took the microphone again and said "Wow! I can't believe I'm standing next to the! King! Dice! You're waaaaaaaaayyyyyyy shorter in person". King Dice decided to take his break before he start after his break, King Dice decided to ask him questions/guessings about the songs. While the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Music was playing, Cuphead said that it was "Sprinkle Sprinkle Mr. Car" but then Elder Kettle was mad because Cuphead guessed it wrong. Cuphead also was making a joke about a clown but he forgot what it was, after when King Dice saw the poster of Cuphead being wanted by the Devil, he decided to be right back again and call the Devil saying that he has a certain Cup. King Dice will do anything to get the Cup to be number one but the Devil hates disappointments so King Dice needs to get him or he might be fired. King Dice wants to ask what's Cuphead's favorite song so he can get it correct even it happens in the 2nd round but instead King Dice say about saying the name of the cave monster and then Cuphead got it corrected too, after the last round, Cuphead needs to roll the Dice but then ended up lost and getting the Dice shattered but King Dice said it was a good thing, when the dice shattered, Cuphead can go to the mystery prize room but then the crowd said he lost, he can't get the prize, this show is rigged. But then the crowd said boo. After when Cuphead and Mugman left, King Dice is mad when they left and he's about to kill them but then was run over by a tire especially it happens to Cuphead and Mugman. The tire sends them back to the house. After when Elder Kettle sees them, he said "IT'S TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!!!"


  • Instead of him taking soul contracts just like in the game, he simply goes on adventures with Mugman and tries to avoid the Devil if he ever crosses paths with him.
  • He doesn't seem to have the powers that he's obtained in the game. This makes sense, as Elder Kettle in the Show is still unaware that the Devil is after Cuphead's soul and, therefore, hasn't yet given the boys the potion that gave them their in-game powers.
    • However, he can take off his head off, which is an in game trait.
  • His favorite song is "The Daring Young Man On The Flying Trapeze."


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