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Cure Empress is one of the legendary Pretty Cures from Doki Doki! Pretty Cure. She was the original user of the Magical Lovely Pad, and Cure Heart bears a striking resemblance to her, as pointed out by Empress' fairy partner, Melan.

She was voiced by Mayumi Iizuka in the Japanese version.


Once, long 10,000 years ago, Cure Empress had became a Pretty Cure along with two other girls that had used the Three Sacred Treasures in order to battle with a great evil, known as the Jikochū. Using the power of the Magical Lovely Pad, she and Melan fought against the forces of Jikochuu. The Legendary Pretty Cures were later able to lock away the Jikochu inside a seal deep inside the base of the Trump Kingdom's chamber itself. It was also the place where the Eternal Golden Crown was used as a seal in order to keep the Jikochu, locked away. The seal was then hidden away by Melan, along with the Miracle Dragon Glaive, which was later handed down to Trump Kingdom's royal family; along with all Three Treasures in their possession.


Cure Empress has pink eyes, long light green hair with a bun in the back and a pink ribbon associated. Her costume consists of dresses, cloaks and sleeves. The dominant color is white. Additional colors are mostly pink and blue, there will also be a place for red piping, purple shorts and a yellow stripe.


  • Cure Empress is the first Cure to have a traditional Japanese influence in her design, as well as the first pink Cure to have hair in a color other than orange, pink or blonde.
  • Cure Empress shares her voice actress with Miyuki Chinen—ironically, Miyuki was a candidate for Cure Passion, before Setsuna Higashi turned out to be her.
  • Cure Empress is the second white Cure to have multiple sub colors.
    • She is the first white Cure to have green hair.
  • The Legendary Pretty Cures are named after tarot cards, specially from the Rider Waite Tarot card deck. Cure Empress is named after the card #3, "The Empress".
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