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Curtis Everett is the main protagonist of Snowpiercer. He is the leader of the rebels that fights through the train to survive.

He is played by Chris Evans who also played Captain America from Marvel Cinematic Universe and Human Torch from Fantastic Four 2005 film and its 2007 sequel.


Following the global warming 17 years ago, in 2031, inside the train, Curtis Everett found a letter from the protein bar, which was written Namgoong. Curtis realizes that when Minister Mason says the weapons are useless, it means they are empty since the insurgency. So Curtis and the rebels fought through the train. They found Namgoong Minsoo and his 17 years old daughter, Yona  and freed them both from the prison cars. At the cooking car, Curtis saw roaches, meaning protein bars are made of these, much to his disgust. During violent fight between the rebels and soldiers armed with axes and night visions, Curtis captures Mason instead of saving Edgar who died at the hands of Franco the Younger. After Grey kills an ambushing pregnant teacher, Curtis sees Franco the Elder executing his mentor, Gilliam via shooting shown in the TV camera, in revenge, Curtis shoots Mason in the head, killing her for good. After Curtis fought Franco the Elder, who kills Grey and fatally wound Tanya, to unconsciousness, he talks to Tanya shortly before dying. When Curtis and Namgoong are stuck towards the door written W, the pair argues. Curtis cries by telling him about cannibalism (especially a baby). When they argues again, Namgoong puts kronole to the door, but he is shot and both are interrupted and Curtis is invited by Wilford's assisstant, Claude. When Claude and Curtis sees Wilford, He reveals to Curtis that his revolution was currently orchestrated by himself and Gilliam to lower the population and maintain the balance of the sealed economic system, and subsequently orders the wipeout of 74% of the remaining tail passengers. Wilford shows Curtis a phone with the sound of Egg-head shooting the civilians at the back of train, much to Curtis' anger.


Curtis beats Wilford and severs his arm in order to save Tanya's son, Timmy despite Andy's rejection to be saved. Yona activates the kronole and both Curtis and Namgoong sacrifices themselves to shield the explosion, killing Claude, Wilford and all other nearby, to save both Yona and Timmy.


  • Curtis is similar to another protagonist, Seok-woo from another South Korean train film, Train to Busan: Both fought through the train till they sacrificed themselves to save the pairs.
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