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I'll fight to my last breath to keep them safe.
~ Cut Lawquane to Rex.
You wanna know how to disappear? Put being a soldier behind you and make a new life for yourself.
~ Cut to Hunter.

Cut Lawquane was a clone deserter from the clone trooper ranks and became a farmer on Saleucami. Introduced and appearing in a single episode in the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars before reappearing in Star Wars: The Bad Batch, Cut lived through the three years following the Clone Wars with his adopted family until the height of the Galactic Empire, forcing him to move elsewhere with his family.

He voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, like all Clones Troopers in Star Wars animated series.


During the first Battle of Geonosis, Lawquane's gunship was shot down and most of his men were either injured or dead. Cut fled the Army. Cut sought to make a better life for himself and married a Twi'lek named Suu and together lived on the planet Saleucami with his adopted children. He lived in peace until he met Clone Captain Rex who was injured by a blaster shot.

Rex recognized Cut as a clone deserter but Lawquane told his story to him making him understand the situation he was in. Lawquane's farm was later attacked by a squad of commando droids. Together Rex helped Cut defend his family from commando droids and saved everyone inside. Rex later left Cut's farm and told the deserter he would not report him and Lawquane gratefully welcomed him.

Two years later, when the Clone Wars had ended with the activation of Order 66 which saw the extermination of the Jedi and the creation of the Galactic Empire, Cut and Su received an unexpected visit from the elite team Clone Force 99 aka Bad Batch now wanted by the Empire whom they had met some time before. Discussing the situation in the Lawquane mansion, Cut noticed Crosshair's absence, reminding him of Rex's warning about clones turning against the Jedi and the inhibitor chip. While his children played with Omega, Cut asked Hunter about the girl's identity only to learn that she was also a Kamino clone but obviously for a different purpose. Hunter didn't care about this detail as she was just a child, which Cut pointed out that education was presumably harder than destroying droids. He then informed his friend that he and his family were planning to leave the planet due to the increasing number of clones appearing around.

Later, Cut and Hunter go to town to reserve shuttle seats where he notices that military and civilian ships are constantly being seized by the clones. Finding a merchant Aleena who could offer the seats, they learn that a new policy requires exchanging the usual credits with those of the empire, which can only be done with a chain code.

Returning home to share the complicating news, the group discuss Cut's risk of being discovered as a deserter just before Shaeeah warns them that Omega is on the other side of the farm fence. After Omega rescues from a viscous Nexus, Cut comforts the slightly traumatized girl as he would with his own children.

At nightfall, the Bad Batch and the Lawquanes begin their plan. Tech and Echo successfully replicate the Chain Codes and send Omega the given to the Lawquanes, while being sent with them by Hunter who doesn't deem her place to be with the Bad Batch. Once the check is over and Omega is chosen to return to the Bad Batch, the Lawquanes board the shuttle, although Cut is almost recognized by a clone.


  • Since there were no Jedi and their clone battalion on Saleucami when Order 66 was activated, Cut was not submitted to the order and remained himself.