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Cutter's real name is Skip A. Stone, and his rank is that of Coast Guard lieutenant junior grade. Cutter was born in Kinsley, Kansas.

Cutter's primary military specialty is hovercraft captain, and his secondary military specialty is special services (he coached the women's swimming team at Annapolis). After trying unsuccessfully to get into Annapolis for two years, Cutter opted for the Coast Guard Academy at New London, Connecticut instead. Although his home town is in the central United States, Cutter always wanted a life at sea. When he found out the Joe Team had no members from the Coast Guard, he pressured the Coast Guard, until they pulled strings to get him on the team and out of their hair.

Cutter wears a cap similar to the one worn by the Boston Red Sox baseball team.


He first appeared in the G.I. Joe animated series in the first season episode "Red Rocket's Glare." He was portrayed as a cocky smart-aleck who continually got on the nerves of his teammates by tactlessly shooting off his mouth. He is also featured in "Bazooka Saw A Sea Serpent". Cutter was voiced by Gregg Berger in a slightly exaggerated Bostonian accent (despite the character's origins having him hail from the American Midwest).

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