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Cy is one of the two deuteragonists of Dino King 2: Journey to the Fire Mountain, alongside Fang. He a male Saichaina who meets up with Speckles to guide him on his quest to defeat the raptors who kidnapped his child and to avenge his best friend's death.


While Speckles was looking for Junior, he met Cy. He stated he wanted to avenge the loss of his lover Daisy. In a cave, Speckles and Cy were cornered by some Brontoscorpio. Speckles fought back and killed them all, but a Brontoscorpio stung him on the leg, posioning him. After the pair esacpe, however, Speckles gradually begins to sucumb to his posioned wound. Fang, who is looking for her daugther finds the two and heals Speckles with herbs. Fang plans to eat Cy but is stopped by Speckles. When they find a pack of Carnotarus stealing Suaropod eggs, he criticises Speckles for his initial selfishness.

The Deinonychus has captured the Dsungaripterus. Then, they chased Cy and have him cornered on a cliff. Luckily, Speckles and Fang ambushed them. A Deinonychus named

"Ditto" was left behind and knocked off by Cy avengeing Daisy's death. The pathway was blocked by boulders, but a herd of Pukyongosaurus cleared the rocks. They then encounter the rest of  the deinyonycus pack and fight them while making their way up to Junior, Fang and Blade. Cy accompanies Fang and Speckles when they reunite with their children in the underground cave located under a volcano. He partakes in the battle aganst the Giant Iguana monsters when they ambush the protagonists. Once the Igunana's are defeated Cy travels to a paradise where Speckle's and Co. decided to make the new paradise their new home. Cy however decides that he wants to return to his own speices and bids his new friends farewell before his departure.


  • Cy's Korean name is diverged from his species name, Saichaina.


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