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You don't know me, but my name's Cy. I'm just the O'Hare delivery guy, but it seems like trees might be worth a try... so I say, let it grow!
~ Cy
~ Cy's iconic phrase towards Mayor Aloysius O'Hare.

Cy (also spelled SaiPsy, or Sy) is a minor character from the 2012 animated film The Lorax. He is the delivery man in Thneedville who delivers air to citizens who have paid for it.

He is voiced by Flecther Sheridan.


Cy only plays a minor role within the film only appearing during the beginning and end.

He is the first character seen in the film after the Lorax's monologue, where he is delivering a container of air that a citizen of Thneedville has payed for. Alongside numerous other citizens, he begins to sing the Thneedville song. During the song he is seen delivering another air barrel to another citizen, who happily pays for it and both enjoy the smell of fresh air. He then goes on to hit several high notes during the finale whilst doing the splits on Mayor Aloysius O'Hare's limousine, once the song finally ends, he is carried off by O'Hare's bodyguards to safety.

Cy is not seen again until much later in the film, when Ted Wiggins, Audrey, and Granny Norma are fleeing from Mayor O'Hare, who has caught word of Ted bringing the last remaining Truffala tree seed to Thneedville and plots to destroy it before Ted has a chance to plant it. During this scene, he is doing on of his routine delivery runs before he suddenly sees Ted and his friends speeding towards him and quickly flees to safety.

Perhaps Cy's biggest role in the film arrives during the end of the film after Ted introduces the Truffala seed to the whole entire city of Thneedville. Mayor O'Hare tries convincing the citizens to destroy the seed, but to no avail. He then turns to Cy and tells him to get all the citizens on his side and threatens to fire him if he refuses. As a result, Cy begins to sing "Let it Grow", where he introduces himself by revealing his name, before stating that he supports Ted's cause. Afterwards the rest of the citizens begin to support Ted and they all decide to plant the seed. Mayor O'Hare then joins into the song, convincing the citizens that he has a change of heart, only to quickly rebuke this and tries one last attempt to persuade the citizens by singing his own version of the song dubbed "Let it Die". This does not work as nobody joins in. As a result, Cy walks up to O'Hare and calls him a "Greedy Dirtbag" before he is ousted from the city by his own bodyguards. He is last seen standing near Ted, his mother, his grandmother, and Audrey as they plant the seed into the ground.


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