Cyan Fitzgerald

Cyan Fitzgerald is a supporting character in the Spawn series. She is the daughter of Tery Fitzgerald and Wanda Blake. Recertly became the superheronie Misery.


Cyan Fitzgerald was the innocent and wide-eyed daughter of Wanda Blake and Tery Fitzgerald. She was frequently an emotional sore-spot for Albert Simmons as he had tried to have kids with Wanda unsuccessfully.

When her father was diagnosed with cancer and Spawn came to visit him, he took his shoelace that had sewn his head shut for years. The shoelace became a comfort item for her and was tied around her pacifier giving her comfort.

When Jason Wynn did not move fast enough to cause harm to Cyan's family, Violator kidnapped young Cyan to scare her parents, Spawn, and Wynn into battle. The plan backfired as Spawn was filled with rage for putting his family in harm's way and temporarily destroyed Violator with his Nercoplasim. Cyan was returned to her family safely.

Over the next few weeks, Cyan freaked out whenever she was separated from her shoelace. When Shanna took the pacifier she cried until it was returned. When Wanda Blake drove Cyan Fitzgerald down a busy highway, Cyan accidentally lost her pacifier out the window. Cyan screamed blood murder until Wanda was forced to pull over. Cyan then leapt out of the car to retrieve the pacifier. Wanda began to worry about her daughter and the pacifier.

Cyan Fitzgerald was brought to a children's psychologist for all the tantrums she had been throwing recently. The psychologist agreed to see her.

Due to Spawn's negligence in participating in the war between Heaven and Hell, Cyan found she was being haunted by Mammon and later on enoucnter her half sister Mornna and with help from her future self deaftead Mammon and sealed him away by Nyx. In the Recent issues Cyan was now a teenager and had lost her mother and had somehow delveop powers with a superpowered alterego called Misery.In the Dark horror arc and hell on earth arcs Cyan had awaken her powers as well as Misery helping Spawn against supernatural threats.

powers and ablities

As of the recent Spawn issues Cyan now had magical powers though she has trouble Controlling them.

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