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Cyber Daphne (Cyber Chase)

Cyber Daphne is one of the main characters of Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase. She is the video game counterpart of the real Daphne Blake.

Physical appearance

Cyber Daphne wears a purple striped dress, purple hosiery, purple heels, a purple headband, and a green scarf. In the movie when Daphne and Cyber Daphne meet, they question each other's apparel choices. Daphne "Did I really wear that years ago?" Cyber Daphne "That jacket with that skirt?" Both "hmmm."


Cyber Daphne's personality is the common Daphne personality. She is very fashionable as shown when Daphne and Cyber Daphne meet each other. She is very self conscious about her body appearance, shown in the movie when both Daphnes enter the house of mirrors, and she screams when she looks at herself in a trick mirror, showing that she is overweight. Daphne reassures her that she looks fine and that it is just a trick mirror. After trapping the creeper that found them in the house of mirrors, she then goes back to the mirrors a second time and this time she looks into the mirror that makes her look really skinny. Daphne has to drag her along.


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