CyberConnect 2 is a character introduced in Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory. She is a DLC character which must be downloaded to use.


Cyberconnect2 usually has a laid-back and friendly personality, however when she sees one of her friends in mortal peril, she becomes fueled with rage which she can harness into power.


CyberConnect2 is a tan skinned girl with brilliant emerald eyes and blonde, spiked hair worn with a white and black themed hat, gold goggles with green lenses, and pointed canine ears. She has white body markings and a black and white tail. She also has a fair sized bust.

CC2 wears a white vest with green detailing and three straps over the chest, and also a big, loose neck/collar. She also has white loose gloves with green detailing and gold bracelets, slightly puffed white shorts with an orange and gold belt with CC2 on it. Her boots are also white and green. She has black, tight pieces of clothing under her gloves, vest, and shorts, which may be spandex.


  • CC represents CyberConnect 2, the company behind the .hack// and Naruto Storm series.
  • CC's appearance is based off of Kite of the .hack// series, while her tattoos resemble those from Black Rose of the same series.
  • CC's japanese voice actress also voiced Black Rose of the .hack// series.
  • It's also been said that her personality and appearance took a few notes from Naruto.
  • CC's claim that she is from Fukoka is a nod to Fukuoka, the city where the company is located.
  • CC's Face Tattoos have the company initials, on her right cheek she has two Cs, one inside the other and on her left cheek a number 2.
  • CC's themed hat and tail resembles Red Savarin from Solatorobo: Red the hunter, a game made by CyberConnect2.


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