Part machine, part cop.
~ Cyberswine's catchphrase

Cyberswine is a cybernetic police officer and the star of the Australian 1995-1997 comic book series and the video game.

The voice actor for him in the video game is uncredited.


Cyberswine was a CyberCity cop named George Fox who had undergone a procedure that made him into a Mechanimal (i.e. Mechanical Animal) in 2070. The Chief of Police summoned him to Police Headquarters and partnered him with Lieutenant Sarah Lee. He decided to demonstrate the capabilities of his Combat Chip, Logic Chip, Public Relations Chip and Emotion Control Chip to the two of them.

Cyberswine and Sarah walked out of Police Headquarters and received much fanfare on the news. They prepared to start their orientation patrol. Sarah asked him if he was going to activate his PR Chip. He decided not to, because he was only talking to her. They got into an argument over Sarah's attitude, and she explained that the Chief partnered her with him as a part of her probation. When Cyberswine asked why, she explained that it was because she refused to take the Healthex vaccine. He had no idea what Healthex was and she was shocked at his ignorance. She asked him if he really wanted to know what Healthex was. He decided that he wanted to know, and she explained that the vaccine protects the person who takes it from all diseases. Cyberswine wondered why she would turn down something good. She retorted that she fights for herself and that they will lose their edge relying on technology.

At that moment, a Tech Prototype Courier Droid named Speedo appeared and spray-painted the word “PIG” on him. Sarah decided to pursue Speedo, and when Cyberswine tried to point out that they are not allowed to do anything like that on their orientation patrol, she asked him if he was coming with her or just going to stand there. He decided to come with her, and they boarded their AV (Air Vehicle).

As they pursued Speedo, Sarah pointed out the controls to Cyberswine. He considered calling the Chief to let him know what they were doing. He decided to call the Chief and explain the situation to him. The Chief went ballistic and said that Sarah was fired and Cyberswine was going to be made into a toaster. They considered a strategy to catch Speedo. Cyberswine decided to pull the AV up and land it at the spot Speedo was going to pass through. The plan worked, resulting in Speedo crashing into Cyberswine's hand and knocking him out. Cyberswine and Sarah considered how they were going to talk to Speedo. He decided to activate the PR Chip and treat Speedo nicely. Speedo was surprised by this and made a joke about Cyberswine being a pig. They arrested him and put him in the back of the AV.

They started heading back to Police Headquarters. Cyberswine decided to turn on the TV so that he can listen to politics. Sarah made it clear that she thinks that the political situation is messed up. Suddenly, their AV lost control. Despite Cyberswine's efforts, they had no choice but to go for a crash landing. As a result, they crashed the AV and lost consciousness.

When they came to, they met an ancient droid named Draino who had pulled them out of the AV. He explained to them that the world was undergoing a great change at this very moment. Sarah coughed up some blood, which prompted Cyberswine to perform a medical scan, and he revealed that she had a cracked rib. Cyberswine and Sarah hear the cries of a woman in distress. At the same time, Speedo showed up and taunted Cyberswine to chase after him. Cyberswine decided to ignore Speedo and go to the woman. They asked the woman why she was crying. She explained that her baby “disappeared” (i.e. disintegrated) right in front of her and that she was not feeling so good herself. Cyberswine's medical scan revealed that she had a virus that was causing her to disintegrate. She tried to beg them for help, but they could do nothing for her. Finally, she keeled over and died, disintegrating until there was nothing left but her clothes.

Cyberswine scanned the area for signs of life and found one healthy person. It was a teenage boy who was trying to help a dying old man. At that moment, a red rebel AV flew by, shooting at something. Cyberswine decided to go to the boy, but the boy stood up and ran off. Cyberswine and Sarah talked to the old man, who explained that his arms are on fire, his wife is dead and the whole city is dead. He begged them to kill him. Cyberswine was at a loss as to what to do. He decided not to kill the old man and tried to keep him talking. The old man finally died and disintegrated to nothing. Sarah scolded him for not killing the old man. Cyberswine tried to say that killing is against the law, but she countered that sometimes you have to bend the law to stay human. She then asked him to kill her if she comes down with the virus. He responded that if it comes to that, he will kill her and himself, because he is not sure that they will win this one.

The two cops went to the nearest Grid Station to find out how far the Grid Virus had spread. Cyberswine considered if he should check the national news or the global news. He decided to listen to the national news. The newscaster claimed that the virus is believed to be Ebola-4 and that the government is keeping it contained. However, both cops knew that the virus was far from contained.

Before they could do anything else, the face of a NetCop appeared on the Grid Station screen. The NetCop claimed that they were not authorized to access the Grid Station. Cyberswine wondered if he should try to bluff or tell the robot to stick it. He decided to try to bluff and convince the robot that he is on their side. Unfortunately, the NetCop soon figured out that he was an imposter and ordered him to stand by for immediate termination. Draino appeared to them again, and urged them to find the boy that they saw earlier.

A NetCop AV showed up and two NetCops appeared. Cyberswine considered trying to negotiate with them or just shoot them. He decided to negotiate with them and activated his PR Chip. He tried to convince them that he was on their side, but they stated that they knew who he was and that he would be terminated for the crime of being alive. Cyberswine had to decide whether to use a rocket or not. He decided not to, and he quickly created some cover for Sarah and him to hide behind. Sarah shot down one NetCop and Cyberswine pounced on the other one and punched it out. His examination revealed that the NetCops were robots. Not only that, but they were made out of materials that only the very rich could afford.

As Cyberswine and Sarah started running towards Police Headquarters, Cyberswine activated his Logic Chip to try to figure out who was behind all this. He was able to list the events in chronological order, but he did not have enough data to determine the identity of the person behind all this. He deactivated his Logic Chip.

The two cops find a locked hospital and four people at the entrance. Sarah explained to Cyberswine that they were Street People. These were people who lived in their own community, ignored the government and so on. They wondered how these people survived the Grid Virus. After considering if they should go up to them or move on, Cyberswine decided to go up to them. He considered if he should attack them or speak to them. He decided to speak to them. It turned out that the Street People had no idea what was going on, and they had come to the hospital because some of them had been wounded by the NetCops. Cyberswine and Sarah told them to stay at the hospital while they find a way to deal with this.

The two cops reached Police Headquarters, but found the front entrance guarded by NetCops. They went in through the back entrance. They came to the elevators, but they were locked. Cyberswine considered whether he should shoot open the elevator doors or not. He decided not to, and they took the stairs. They reached the control room, but discovered to their horror that all the cops are dead. Most of them were dead from the Grid Virus, but the others were shot by the NetCops. Sarah pointed out that the ones shot by NetCops were on probation like her, because they refused to to take Healthex. They saw the database nearby, and Cyberswine wondered whether he should use it or not. He decided to use it, and discovered that the database was being erased.

They went to the armoury to get some weapons. Cyberswine came across a list of names of cops on the honour roll. When he saw the name “George Fox” on the list, it caused him to have a flashback. They get attacked by three NetCops. They managed to shoot down those three. They went outside Police Headquarters and faced the NetCops there. Cyberswine decided to use a missile to send one flying into a row of AirBikes, causing a massive explosion that destroyed all the NetCops.

After that, they came across a warehouse. An AV piloted by NetCops dropped off some cargo. Cyberswine pondered over the decision of investigating the cargo or moving on. He decided to investigate and discovered that the cargo was a line of robots that were not NetCops.

As they continued to search for the boy, Cyberswine's scanners picked up a robot nearby. They leaped out, preparing to shoot...and discovered a small rat-like robot, sucking up clothes lying around like a vacuum cleaner. Cyberswine considered shooting the robot or leaving it alone. He decided to leave it alone, but he saw the Farmtech logo printed on it.

Cyberswine and Sarah had a discussion about the government. Cyberswine wondered if the government was behind this or not. He decided that they were not, because the NetCops had said that humans had been made obsolete. He concluded that the government had been taken down by somebody else.

Sarah decided that now was a good time to sit down and take a break. Cyberswine left her for a bit to go get some food for her. However, when he came back with food, he heard her scream. He hurried to her side, only to find her standing there alone. She denied screaming, but she was willing to eat the ham sandwich he found for her. They had a conversation about humans eating pigs, or more precisely, pig flesh. Sarah admitted that she eats pig flesh without batting an eyelash.

Then they heard a noise. They raced towards the source, which turned out to be machine gun fire. They also saw a boy nearby. Cyberswine had to decide if they should investigate the machine gun fire or the boy. He decided to investigate the boy. Unfortunately, it was a different boy and he was gunned by NetCops before Cyberswine could save him. Cyberswine shot down the NetCops and examined the boy's corpse. He saw that the NetCops had extracted the boy's brain from his body.

As they moved on, Cyberswine told Sarah that he was making too many mistakes and not thinking clearly enough. He had come to the conclusion that his computer chips were not good enough for the job. Then they came across a group of the pink robots that they saw at the warehouse earlier. Cyberswine shot down one, and pondered over the identity of the person behind all this.

They saw Draino at a nearby Grid Station and went up to him. Cyberswine had learned earlier that anyone who tries to access the Grid Stations will attract attention from the NetCops. Cyberswine wondered whether he should take Draino off the Grid Station or not. He decided not to, and wondered why the NetCops have not detected Draino. Draino explained to him that the NetCops can only detect organics accessing the Grid Stations, not robots. Draino also revealed that he knew the cop named George Fox, surprising Cyberswine. Sarah wanted to know where the boy was, but Draino responded that he would not betray him. Sarah responded by pulling out her gun and threatening to shoot him. Cyberswine got between them and had to decide whether to use force or not. He decided to activate his PR Chip and convinced Sarah to take a walk while he talks to Draino. When Sarah came back, an AV belonging to the NetCops showed up, causing Cyberswine to panic. But Draino explained that he used the Grid Station to remotely bring the AV to them for their use. Cyberswine asked him if there was nothing he could not do. Draino responded, “I cannot make you trust yourself, George.” Cyberswine was confused by that, but he had to get into the AV with Sarah.

As they flew the AV through CyberCity, Sarah suggested that they fly low, so that they could cover more ground and see the boy. At that moment, two AVs piloted by NetCops showed up and moved on their left side and right side. The NetCops wanted them to identify themselves and claimed that they were in violation of gravity laws. Cyberswine told them to go suck on a chip and asked Sarah if he should use heat-seeking missiles on them. She responded, “Whatever.” This prompted Cyberswine to wonder what was eating her. He decided not to use the missiles and resorted to pushing the other AVs into buildings.

They saw a figure down below and landed the AV. They thought it was the boy they were looking for, but it was Speedo. Sarah recommended that Cyberswine activate his PR Chip. Cyberswine decided to activate it, and tried to talk to Speedo with urban slang. It resulted in Speedo getting confused and then making fun of him. Speedo then explained that Draino told him to tell them that the boy they were looking for was at the harbour.

Cyberswine and Sarah made a quick stop to check on Sarah's mother, and then went to the harbour. Along the way, he started having a flashback of Future Towers and a scientist holding a scalpel. When they headed toward the harbour, they saw a figure that was apparently the boy they were looking for, so they landed the AV. Cyberswine saw more garbage-sucking robots, and considered shooting them. He decided not to, and pulled out the main processor of one of them. He scanned the processor with his sensors and found out that the person behind all this is using the Gateway Network to power the robots. He wanted to go to Gateway, but Sarah suggested that they find the boy first. Cyberswine was fine with that, because they needed someone's help to access the Gateway computers anyway.

But before they could do anything else, one NetCop appeared and shot Cyberswine twice, causing Cyberswine to lose his left hand in the process. Sarah ran behind the AV, and Cyberswine had to drag himself behind a pillar. He experienced another flashback as he was doing this. He deactivated the Combat Chip because he felt that it was useless. He activated the Logic Chip. It told him that he had to eliminate the sniper, and that he had two options. The first option was to activate the Combat Chip and shoot the sniper. The second option was to activate the PR Chip, fake a surrender and then shoot the sniper. Both options had a 30% chance of success. He decided to fake a surrender, but the NetCop shot him again. So Cyberswine simply got up, ran around the pillar and shot the NetCop.

Cyberswine and Sarah discussed their next move. They decided to continue searching for the boy and Cyberswine hoped to find someone who could fix his damaged left arm. Sarah told him to use his sensors, but he told her that he could not, because they were damaged in the fight. They got back into the AV and went to the harbour.

At the harbour, they finally found the boy carrying a box of electronics that he stole from a store. Cyberswine had to stop Sarah from shooting the boy. He wondered whether he should be nice to the boy or not. He decided to be nice and they introduced themselves to the boy. The boy introduced himself as Zak. They explained to the boy that they are last cops left, and Zak explained that he was trying to find his little brother. Zak offered to fix Cyberswine's damaged arm. Cyberswine was skeptical until Zak revealed that he knows electronics and repairing them like the back of his hand. Zak explained that he and his little sister Sam are hiding in the tunnels and Sarah told him to take them there.

As they followed Zak down the tunnel, Zak explained that he and whole family are members of Mensa, but Farmtech had taken their parents and little brother. Farmtech intended to use the brains of members of Mensa for an organic neuro-processor. Cyberswine recalled the young boy he saw gunned down by the NetCops and wondered if he should tell Zak about the boy. He decided against it, because he felt that it would be best not to upset Zak at this time.

When they got to Zak's hideout, Zak repaired Cyberswine's left arm without any difficulty. At that moment, Sam appeared and Cyberswine got to talk to her. Sam revealed that she had met Draino and Draino had told her a story. Cyberswine decided that he wanted to hear this story. The story was about three little pigs and a big bad wolf. The big bad wolf had killed the first pig who was completely organic as well as the second pig who was completely robotic. The third pig was both organic and robotic and has been attacked by the wolf...yet. Zak showed Cyberswine two CDs containing software made by Sam, which were a virus tracker and RAPID (Remote Automatic Processor Interference Device).

After Zak repaired Cyberswine’s sensors, Cyberswine activated his Logic Chip. Zak pointed out to Cyberswine that he should not use enhancer chips, because maliciously programmed ones could cause mind control, memory suppression, reflex inhibition and so on. However, Cyberswine was convinced that he needed it. Cyberswine had to choose between the NewsNet (for finding out how far the Grid Virus had spread) or the InfoNet (for finding out information on the virus). He decided that they should try the InfoNet. They found out that the Grid Virus does not match any known virus and that it is affecting the entire world. Sam pointed out that some computer viruses can be inserted into a network and lay dormant until it is triggered, at which point it infects and takes down the network. Sam said that the Grid Virus has the same idea, but it infects humans. Zak added in that the Grid sends out an electromagnetic pulse and a nanotech protein electrovirus activated by any computer that the victim uses. Those computers were located in CPU-controlled radios, TVs, watches, traffic lights, cars and everything else. In other words, 99% of the world population was killed by its own technology. Cyberswine puzzled over how 99% became infected in the first place, and how the rebels, the Street People and Sarah avoided infection. After some prodding from Zak and Sam, Cyberswine came to the realization that the Healthex vaccine contained the Grid Virus in the first place!

Zak wanted to use the virus tracker to find the source of the Grid Virus. Cyberswine pondered whether to use it or not. He decided that they should use it. Using the virus tracker, Zak found out very quickly that the Grid Virus came from the Gateway supercomputers. Cyberswine congratulated Zak on a job well done and they gave each other high-fives. Zak and Cyberswine then discussed hacking into Farmtech. Cyberswine decided that they should do it. Zak managed to get into Farmtech's servers and found a file on Mensa children. Zak deleted the file they found and prepared to find out the names of the people in charge of Farmtech. But before he could do it, the NetCops showed up. They got behind cover and Cyberswine wondered if he should use his guns or not, because he could cause the tunnel to collapse. He decided to try something creative. He took Sam's toy pig and activated it. It moved in front of the NetCops and distracted them long enough for Cyberswine to shoot one. The other dived forward and rose up to shoot him, but Cyberswine was quicker. Unfortunately, the NetCops had destroyed Zak's computer and kidnapped Sam.

Cyberswine, Sarah and Zak tried to look for Sam, but she was nowhere to be found. Cyberswine had to decide if they should continue to look for Sam or go straight to the Gateway. He decided to go straight to the Gateway. That way, they could find out the location of Farmtech's secret labs, because that was where they would have taken Sam. Using his sensors, Cyberswine found an AV nearby. He had to decide whether to take out the NetCop next to it quietly or not. He chose to do it quietly. They boarded the AV and flew it to the Gateway. Along the way, Zak turned on some music called The Chipmunks, and Cyberswine told him to turn that techno-trash off because they were on a serious mission.

They made it to the Gateway's Control Centre without incident. Cyberswine told Zak to search the computer for the identity of Farmtech's owner and he told Sarah to be on the lookout for NetCops. Cyberswine had to decide whether to stand right next to Zak or not. He decided to keep standing next to Zak and reminded Sarah to keep looking out through the window. At that moment, Zak finally found out that Farmtech is owned by Vice-President Bryce Gets and he also found out that the secret labs are in Future Towers. Cyberswine was surprised that it was right under their noses, but then he heard the NetCops approaching. He asked Sarah why she did not warn them, but she did not answer.

As they tried to exit the Gateway's Control Centre, they came to the elevator and the stairs. Cyberswine had to decide if they should take the elevator or the stairs. He decided that they should take the stairs. Unfortunately, they ran right into a squad of NetCops who arrested them. They loaded Cyberswine and Zak into an AV, but not Sarah. However, Cyberswine yanked off the bars between the front and back areas and used his grapple gun to knock the NetCops heads off. Once they escaped the AV, they noticed that Sarah was not there. They found her getting onto an AV and taking off to Future Towers. Zak wondered if Sarah was going to be okay. Cyberswine revealed that he had figured out that Sarah had been replaced by a replicant. He remained hopeful that the original Sarah was still alive in Future Towers. Zak asked Cyberswine if he and Sarah were good friends. Cyberswine said that they were, or at least he hoped that they were. They got into an AV and headed to Future Towers.

Along the way, a rebel soldier contacted them and told them that NetCops had captured Draino near Future Towers and that Cyberswine must save him. Cyberswine flew in to where Draino was. Zak wanted to know if Cyberswine was going to shoot them or not. Cyberswine decided to get out of the AV and blow the NetCops away with a missile. Draino congratulated him on his excellent shot. Cyberswine realized that he had forgotten to activate his Combat Chip. Draino told him that it is better to avoid using those computer chips. Draino then gave Cyberswine his soul chip which would allow him to be invisible to the cameras. Draino left and called him George once again.

The two of them went to a nearby Grid Station. Zak wanted to install the RAPID software, but it turned out that Grid Station did not have a CD-ROM slot. Cyberswine asked for the disc, so that he could put it into his own slot, install it and download it directly into the Grid Station. Zak warned him that the software might screw up his main processor, and asked him if he really wanted to try it. Cyberswine decided to do it, and noticed that it had no effect on him. Between himself and Zak, he figured out that he has a completely organic brain and that his brain is a combination of a pig's brain and George Fox's brain. Zak directed him to enable the RAPID slug, connect it to the carrier wave signal that controls the NetCops, order them to stand still and do nothing for the rest of their lives, disable their receivers so that they will not receive new orders. Cyberswine did so. Zak said, “Good job, George.”

As they started to head for Future Towers, Cyberswine started to experience more flashbacks. He tried to activate his Emotion Control Chip in the hope that it would stop the flashbacks. He wondered if he should use it or not. He decided not to and tried to get rid of it, only to discover that it was locked in.

Cyberswine wondered if he should contact Bryce and talk to him. He decided to do so. He also considered whether he should be polite to Bryce or not. He decided not to be polite. The conversation consisted of Cyberswine trying to talk tough and Bryce threatening to kill them and take Zak's brain. Bryce also made a “chicken” joke and told them that there would be more fun to come. Cyberswine wondered what he was talking about.

Cyberswine and Zak started to go to Future Towers. But just as they got to the doors, the Cyberbird appeared right in front of them. The Cyberbird blasted Cyberswine with a shot strong enough to knock off his right arm and leave a big black dent in his torso armour. To make matters worse, he started experiencing more flashbacks. He had choose whether to use a missile or not. He decided to use it, but the Cyberbird's deflector shield absorbed it and he shot Cyberswine again. Cyberswine got up, reattached his right arm, kicked Cyberbird to the ground and ran. As they ran, they discussed the Cyberbird's deflector shield. They ran into a dead end and Cyberswine had to choose to fight or run. He decided that they would continuing running through a passage on the side.

They came across a jetbike and an AV. The jetbike is faster and more maneuverable, but the AV has heavier firepower. Cyberswine had to choose between the two. He chose the jetbike. The Cyberbird got into the AV and pursued them. He managed to hit their jetbike. Cyberswine decided to land the jetbike next to a fuel depot. He then had to make a choice whether to shoot the AV down or not. He chose to do so, and successfully hit the AV so that it crashed into the fuel depot, causing it to blow up.

Cyberswine and Zak ran back to Future Towers and got inside without incident. They got to the elevator and found out that they need an authorized palm print to get in. So Cyberswine took the robot receptionist, ripped off its arm and used it for the palm print. They got inside the elevator, but the Cyberbird reappeared and tried to get in. Cyberswine shot it back and the elevator doors closed. They talked about opening the door and knocking over the Cyberbird. Cyberswine decided to try it and successfully knocked the Cyberbird to the ground. They rode the elevator to the floor of Bryce's office.

They encountered another receptionist robot and Cyberswine had to choose between bluffing or shooting. He decided to bluff and act like he captured Zak. The robot let him through. They came up to two separate areas called the Gene Lab and the Bio Lab. Cyberswine wanted to go to Gene Lab because that was where he went through the traumatizing procedure that made him into a cyborg pig, but Zak wanted them to take the Bio Lab instead. Cyberswine chose to go into the Gene Lab and wrecked up all the robots and equipment in there. They came to a bulkhead door to Bryce's office. Cyberswine noted that the door can hold out any man, but not any pig. So he broke down the door by head-butting it!

They found Bryce holding Sarah at gunpoint. Cyberswine tried to tell Bryce that it is over, but Bryce responded that he did exactly what he wanted him to do. Not only that, but he revealed that Sarah is dead. Cyberswine made it clear that he is taking Bryce in, but Bryce simply scoffed. At that moment, the Cyberbird appeared and attacked once again. Cyberswine managed to rip the Cyberbird's left gun arm off and told Zak to take it. Zak managed to heft the gun up. The Cyberbird revealed that its right arm is equipped with a sword, but just as it was about to strike, Zak shot the Cyberbird. The shot distracted him long enough for Cyberswine to shoot the deflector shield off.

Zak held Bryce at gunpoint and Cyberswine had to choose whether he wanted to check his gun for ammo. He decided not to, only to discover to his horror that the gun was out of ammo when he tried to shoot. He resorted to grabbing the Cyberbird and throwing him to the ground. He charged in, preparing to finish off the Cyberbird, but then the Cyberbird slashed his cybernetic eye off. The Cyberbird proceeded to rip up Cyberswine's body and Bryce shot Zak in the shoulder. Cyberswine told Zak to grab the deflector shield. He brought out his last missile and set it to maximum yield. Bryce panicked and Cyberswine made it clear that he intended to go “full boar”. He ordered Zak to activate the deflector shield and fired the missile. The resulting explosion completely destroyed the interior of Future Towers and shut down all the robots.

Zak, having survived thanks to the deflector shield, dragged Cyberswine all the way outside of the building. Zak reunited with his sister and the Street People. They all looked at Cyberswine, who was seemingly deactivated or dead, and Zak thought about how he risked it all to give them a chance to rebuild society.


In the video game, the player can have Cyberswine make decisions based on complex combinations of the following moods: aggressive, anxious, caring and clever. Naturally, the player can choose to keep these moods consistent or make them wildly fluctuate.

In the opening monologue, Cyberswine talks about having a dream of being a “brain in a box” and then realizing that it is not a dream, but reality. It indicates that he is depressed and traumatized.

He initially uses Enchancer Computer Chips which have an impact on his personality. The Combat Chip allows him to fight effectively in combat. The Logic Chip makes him think more logically. The Public Relations Chip allows him to speak nicely and smoothly to people. The Emotion Control Chip stabilizes excessive emotion. As the game goes on, however, it becomes clear that he is using them as crutches. Many characters urge him to stop using them, and he comes to realize that they are right. By the end of the game, he manages to prove that he can do lots of things just fine without them.

He demonstrates moments of comical seriousness, such as the moment when he knocked Speedo to the ground just by holding out his hand and letting Speedo run face-first into it. In a flat tone of voice, he says, “Please stop. You are violating the speed limit.” After Speedo stops moving, Cyberswine says, “Thank you,” in the same tone of voice.

Sometimes he enjoys combat. For instance, when he meets NetCops for the first time, he can use a missile to destroy them. He will actually laugh, and when Sarah points out that the missile is overkill, he will simply say, “Overkill? Don't know what that means!”

He believes in following and upholding the law, but that belief will be put to the test. A notable example is when an old man dying from the Grid Virus is begging Cyberswine to kill him. If Cyberswine does it, he will say that he had never killed anyone before and Sarah will reassure him that he did the right thing. If Cyberswine does not do it, he will watch the old man die painfully, Sarah will scold him for not doing it, he will try to say that killing is against the law, and she retort that sometimes you have to bend the law to stay human.

Cyberswine has very few friends in the world, so he treasures the ones he does have. He did not get along with Sarah at first (e.g. Sarah asked him if all Mechanimals were as rude as him, and he retorted, “Just the ones assigned loud-mouthed cops as partners”), but they started to form a connection. In fact, after the incident with the dying old man, she asks him to kill her if she gets infected with the Grid Virus, and he responds, “If it comes to that, I'll do us both. Because I don't think we're gonna win this one.” While it indicates that he is suicidal, it also indicates how far he will go for a friend. Also, he admits to Zak that he and Sarah are friends, or at least he hopes they are.

He gets along very well with kids and teenagers, such as Zak and Sam. In fact, as he spends time with Zak, he seems to become a father figure for the boy. By the end of the game, Zak actually drags Cyberswine all the way out of Future Towers, which shows how much Cyberswine means to him. Then again, the pig that was used to create Cyberswine was Zak's pet pig, which would certainly explain the connection between them.

He does not remember much of his past at first. But he begins to remember that he is the combination of a pig and a cop named George Fox. The flashbacks are initially painful enough to make him fall to the ground and convulse wildly. Eventually, he manages to work through them. In fact, when he finds the Gene Lab where he was created, he wants to wreck it up as payback. He also saves some other animals that Farmtech was going to use as test subjects. Clearly, he does not want them to go through the hell that he went through.


  • Cyberswine is based on RoboCop, who is based on Judge Dredd.
  • In the “Issue One” comic, Cyberswine's name was George Porser. His name was changed to George Fox in the “Cyberswine” comic and the video game adaptation.
  • This is not stated in the video game, but in the comics, it is revealed that Zak's pet pig was used in the process that created Cyberswine. This reveal implies that Cyberswine and Zak's relationship can be summed up as “A Boy and his Pig”.
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