~ Cyborg's catchphrase

Cyborg is the pentagonist of Teen Titans Go!, Teen Titans Go! to the Movies and Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans.

He is voiced by Khary Payton also voices 2003 incarnation.


Though Cyborg is a technological genius he prefers non-pressure situations and uses his mechanical wonders to unwind in-between fighting crime, usually with his fellow Teen Titan, Beast Boy.


Like the rest of the Titans, he can also behave out of character, and is noticeably more lazier than his original series counterpart.

He also enjoys meatball parties in the episode Meatball Party. He tends to force everyone, especially Raven, to do activities that they don't like to do. He also has more energy (can stay up longer) than the other Titans because of his robotic half, as shown in the episode Tower Power.

Cyborg, true to his super-alias, is part man part machine. Cyborg was made into a cyborg after most of his body was critically injured in a lab explosion. Cyborg uses his mechanical super-body to fight crime as a member of the Teen Titans group. Cyborg can mentally hack computers and fire sonic blasters from his hand.


  • Cyborg has claimed to have dreamed of joining the Justice League.
  • Cyborg joining the Justice League is meant to reference the DC Extended Universe's Cyborg, who is interpreted as a founding member of the team. His position as a Justice League member was also first made in the New 52 franchise, when the Teen Titans were also revamped.
  • Once Cyborg becomes a member of the Justice League 20 years in the future, his suit is based off of his New 52 design.



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