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Cylindria is the tritagonist in "Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures". She teams up with with Pac-Man and Spiral to defeat ghost that keep showing up in Pac-World. She's also the brains in Pac's gang. 

She is voiced by Andrea Libman who also voices Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Maya the Bee, Lemon Meringue and Madeline. In the games, she is voiced by Sandra Marie "Sandy" Fox, who also voiced Chibiusa in Sailor Moon R


Cylindria is a kind, beautiful, and intelligent girl. She seems to be the most responsible out of her friends as she was willing to keep Pac Man from eating stolen food by warning the President in "All You Can Eat". She's also been known to point out oversights and the first to notice when a situation seems suspicious. Despite her beauty, Cylindria is also rather courageous and surprisingly capable in a fight.


Cylindria is a pink Pac-Worlder with dark rose pink eyes. Her hair is black with light pink highlights, which she always has up in pigtails with red bands. She wears red glasses, red and white striped socks, black fingerless gloves and black boots with silver buckles.



Pac-Man is one of Cylindria's closest friends. She helps Pac in his fight with the Ghosts in any way she can. In Episode 7 it was revealed that Cylindria has a crush on Pac-Man as she said "I love you, Pac!" at the same time as Pinky.


Spiral is one of Cylindria's closest friends. They hang out together with Pac-Man all the time and work side-by-side when fighting Ghosts with Pac-Man.


Cylindria does not trust ghosts much. She especially doesn't trust Pinky as she is Cylindria's love rival for Pac-Man's affection, but she does trust Pinky enough to know she will help Pac-Man in their fight against Betrayus. She doesn't show as much hostility towards Pinky as Pinky does to her, but she still doesn't seem to care much for her.


It was mentioned in the first episode, The Adventure Begins, that Cylindria was originally Skeebo's steady girlfriend. He then broke up with her when he didn't want to save her from a Netherworld monster.


When they first meet, Cylindria and Elli are on good terms and were still fine throughout the latter's debut.


  • Cylindria's name comes from the word cylinder, a flat-barrel shape.
    • Ironically, she dislikes her name being misinterpreted as "Cylinder" in the episode "Pac-Mania".
  • Her voice sounds similar to that of Emmy from Dragon Tales.
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